Forza Motorsport 4: the first few hours

Forza has always been about slick, super fast performance cars and the petrolheads who love them and after a car porn peon intro from Jeremy Clarkson, you're launched straight into a one-lap celebration of speed in the Bernese Alps in a bristling Ferrari 458 Italia.

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AWESOME! The new King Of Racers will be here in a few days folks.

gypsygib2534d ago (Edited 2534d ago )

Forza 4 = console king of racers (does a lot f things right but driving is much less realistic)

GT5 = console king of sim racers (does a lot of things wrong but drivig is more like driving a real car)

Also, Ferrari's are incredibly difficult to drive, most people would need lessons to drive one at a fast speed without crashing/spinning out constantly so wipping around in a Ferrari like a pro the first time driving it demonstrates how Forza is more arcady.

dark-hollow2534d ago (Edited 2534d ago )

Why people here on n4g like parrots repeating what most people say?

Since when forza is not a prober sim??
The driving aspect is on par with GT 5 and both arr NOT like driving a real car yet.
One idiot runs his mouth and the rest repeat what he said without playing the game itself!!!

Try iracing it blows both out of the water in driving and physics aspect.

gypsygib2534d ago

That's why I said CONSOLE...

and I'm not repeating what I've hear, I'm stating my own experiences with both games. Sorry bud, but the driving in GT5 is far more like driving a real car, Forza 4 is a bit arcady in comparison

IGN even said GT5 was a "10/10 sim in a 5/10 game." With all the updates since its release, it's probably a great sim in a 8.5/10 game. I'll own both so I don't GAF what denial you or other xbots suffer from, GT5 is the more realistic racer.

I reiterate:

GT5 = Best CONSOLE sim
Forza 4 = Best overall console racer.

ironwolf2534d ago (Edited 2534d ago )

The new King of Racers is already here. Mine was delivered an hour ago.

SixShotCop2534d ago

PD sent you the rest of GT5 by courier? Not bad! It only took a year.

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