Netflix cans Qwikster, service staying whole

Netflix CEO Reed Hastings announced this morning that Netflix will not be splitting into two separate services as planned. The news comes less than a month after the company's stock went into freefall following its announced split into disc-based and streaming entities named Qwikster and Netflix, respectively.

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BLAKHOODe2476d ago

Stop playing with my emotions, Netflix.

Drekken2476d ago

What an embarrassment. Nextflix stock holders should can this guy.

M-Easy2476d ago

I just want to know if my gamefly account is gonna have some competition. Detail the the games service dammit.

Drekken2476d ago

I read they are "unsure" if they will continue with gaming plans, which probably means - No competition for Gamefly just yet. You can always check out Blockbuster.

Right now Redbox is just not a feasible way to rent games... its just too expensive at $2 a day. How fast a rental turns into 7 days and your $14 in the hole. 8 more bucks and you have a whole month from Gamefly.

archemides5182476d ago

gamefly is just too expensive, if i'm payin 20-30 a month i might as well just buy another game. redbox is the way to go for quick plays and just to test out, but their selection isn't the greatest...but not bad as well.

ReservoirDog3162476d ago

@ Luna

There's smarter ways to use gamefly. If you get recommended by a friend, you cam get 3 months of gamefly for $17. It's a ridiculous deal if you know how to use it right.

On topic though, jeez Netflix. Get your head on straight.

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pinkyxyz2476d ago

..............that is all

kma2k2476d ago

So i assume this means they are forgetting the games aspect. I was totally for the idea of putting pressure on gamefly! Dammit!

TBONEJF2476d ago (Edited 2476d ago )

Thank goodness. The name sounds kinda dumb and i dont want to pay 1$ a day like red box does. Im happy with my Nextflix subcription. I got rid of my streaming option because their are not enough movies or tv series you cant stream online. So i wish people can stop complaining bout the price hike. Id u dont like it just change. And Nexflix themselves says its getting expensive for them to stream content.

Asthenos2476d ago

There are actually some decent shows considering they had a deal with AMC so they brought over Breaking Bad and Mad Men and more recently The Walking Dead and they also have Futurama,South Park etc. so that is well worth the money on it's own, but if not there is always just abusing the two-week/one-month trial period over and over

TBONEJF2475d ago

But that's the only good shows they have to stream. I'm talking bout older shows from early 90s and 80s that they don't have in streaming content.

B_Rian892476d ago

i had a strong feeling this would happen especially since we haven't heard anything about Qwikster since the announcement. i hope the still bring video games to Netflix

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