Jak and Daxter HD Collection

Justin Richmond confirmed that a Jak and Daxter HD Collection is on the way, and will hit stores sometime in 2012.

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MaideninBlack2535d ago (Edited 2535d ago )

Here's what I could google translate from the article:

"During Uncharted 3-press conference in Oslo, Justin Richmond from Naughty Dog asked a lot, including Jak and Daxter series. When he managed to go neck themselves, by saying that there will be a Jak and Dakter collection of Playstation 3 in 2012. This package will contain the first three games of the series and all will be upgraded to HD.

This is a collection of fans have wanted for a long time, and it's not a surprise that Naughty Dog wants to fulfill those desires.

More information is not yet known because it was a miss by Justin Richmond, but we will keep you updated in the coming months. "

lociefer2535d ago

freaking ace ! now all that is left is a legacy of kain HD and an Okami remake

Outside_ofthe_Box2535d ago

I'd rather have a new Jak. :(

I played all the Jak and Daxter games already!

But man I might get this still. I loved Jak 3 so re-living that game would be sweet also I never beat Jak 2 so this will be chance to actually do it lol.

darthv722535d ago

I like these hd compilations. I only played the 1st one but to get all 3 in one is a sweet deal. I can see where others may be a bit off because we are seeing more and more hd remakes but then again, these are games that we are wanting to see remade.

nothing against the originals but if I can get the complete set with upgraded visuals and trophy/online support for the same cost as a single game then so be it. Bring on more compilations.

I dont want to see these become the norm however. I do like to see original and new stuff made specifically for the ps3 (which we are) but I gladly welcome a ratchet collection or a onimusha collection or even a tekken collection. The ps2 had many great series that could use the same treatment.

sikbeta2535d ago

Awesome, this franchise deserves the HD treatment, so much fun with these games...

JaredH2535d ago

This is the HD collection I'm most excited for. The Jak trilogy is one of my favorite game trilogys of all time. I hope Naughty Dog makes an actual fourth game in the future and not a random developer.

snipes1012535d ago

Never played these on the PS2. Will be buying these.

The Great Melon2535d ago (Edited 2535d ago )


Jak II is probably considered the best in the series. Jak III likely scored a little less because the city looked a little bare, whereas it was alive and more fleshed out in Jak II. Regardless, both are some of the best games of the ps2.

jeseth2535d ago

Here's a crazy idea...

how about a new Jak and Daxter GAME!!!???


Danteh2534d ago

I loled at the random "I FUCKING LOVE COCAINE" bear post

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M-Easy2535d ago

Hopefully in 3D as well.

Obelisk922535d ago


BUT I still want a new Jak for the PS3.

colonel1792535d ago

better yet, for PS4!

Although we would have to wait longer

akiraburn2535d ago

You know, looking at the way these HD collections have been working (especially Sony's IPs), I think you can almost expect a new Jak announcement shortly before or after this HD collection releases. I say this because of the trend they have followed: GoW Collection preceded the GoW3 release by about four months. Sly Collection released in November 2010 with an announcement six months later about a new Sly game in the works. Ico/SOTC Collection was released just recently now, with anticipation building for The Last Guardian.

Its true that I could be off-base with this assumption, however it seems like a logical guess that a new Jak would follow suit with an HD collection. In any case, I'm very stoked for this, as the Jak games are my some of my favorite platformers. The fact that Dee Snider voices Gol in Jak 1 is epic.

Rage_S902535d ago

Lol came in to say what akiraburn said.

playboi282535d ago


While I certainly agree about the HD collections that came out before new games being announced, there is still the chance that there won't be. There is a Splinter Cell Collection with no new games on the horizon. Also, the Prince of Persia Collection came out well after the last game with no new games being announced. It seems that collections come out when there were two or three great series regardless of a new game coming out or not.

But on the subject of Jak, I have heard rumblings of a new game coming out recently. It just won't happen very soon because of all the work Naughty Dog has been doing on Uncharted 3.

Minimox162535d ago

@ akiraburn
Well if that true, it will be cool that they release a Ratchet and Clank HD before All 4 One, but i dont think that happen because the time, o well still waiting for that and GTA HD.

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Lazy_Sunday2535d ago

Finally. An HD remake I actually want.

LolololRumz2535d ago

Naughty Dog doing HD remasters...I'm excited.

Now if they just bought the Crash Bandicoot IP again then my life would be complete

MakiManPR2535d ago

Man that would make me sooo happy. They need Crash Bandicoot back!!

princejb1342535d ago

just got a boner early in the morning

ThatArtGuy2535d ago

Something wrong with you if you don't already wake up with wood.

MariaHelFutura2535d ago

"managed to go neck themselves"


jack_burt0n2535d ago

First game was the best!!

dare to agree.....

xabmol2535d ago


Jak1 is still my favorite platformer. Didn't much care for the later GTA bs...

mastemikegee2535d ago

Hell yes. Felt like classic Crash Bandicoot with open-world style. When they brought in the weapons (2 & 3) it made me sad. Still, the characters and story kept me coming back til I completed the whole trilogy.

Xalaris2535d ago

Yeah, the first one was great. Classic platforming bliss... Naughty Dog completely ravamped the maturity level for the next two though (a lot like how R&C did with theirs after the first, maybe one inspired the other?) and Jak X had nothing to do with the series... the developers just realized that they had a hidden talent for drawing sick-ass cars and decided to make a spinoff. I do remember the fun I had playing that one online...

Jak 2 was fun. The city was enormous and the weapons felt powerful. Dark Jak could've used the same system Jak 3 had, having the option to revert whenever you wanted to. Speaking of Jak 3, damn, don't remember a time I had more fun with a platformer. The powers were innovative and the graphics beastly (especially on the last level, where you drive around with the huge tank car or whatever) accompanied with a completely revamped weapons system. I found the story touching also.. I didn't see fit the trilogy ending with what Jak 3 had, which takes me to my next point:


morkendo2535d ago (Edited 2535d ago )

what happen to jak an dexter ps3 announcement?? was it cancel???

all we need now ratchet an clank HD

No FanS Land2535d ago

Nice this time around Jak2's overwhelming difficulty will pay off!

Eric Barrier2535d ago

Yes! One of my favorite game series ever!

showtimefolks2535d ago

Game would also be included the kart combat racing one for a complete jak collection. Also the 4 games from ps2 in ratchet series should also see a hd remake

lelo2play2535d ago

Has Sony run out of ideas?
For fu*k sake. STOP WITH THESE HD COLLECTIONS. Most people have played them already.


I think it's sad for both Sony and Microsoft, that a lot of peoples most expected games for the end of 2011 and 2012 are multiplatform games. If i made a top 20 most expected games for late 2011 and 2012, i would probably only include 3 or 4 exclusives.

Silly gameAr2535d ago

Don't like it, don't buy it. Plenty of other games coming that might tickle your fancy.

lelo2play2535d ago

I didn't say i didn't like them... i just said that Sony should invest in new games instead on wasting their resources recycling old games.

Enough with these HD collections. Is Sony going to release every decent PS2 game in HD on the PS3? There are going to be a lot of HD collection's!

Inception2535d ago

why u complaining? sony did this because a lot of jak & daxter fans asked them to make it

if u not a fans of jak & daxter than skip it -_-

trouble_bubble2535d ago (Edited 2535d ago )

Sony should invest in new games? You're joking right?

2011 = Resistance 3, WhiteKnightChronicles 2, Disgaea 4, Uncharted 3, Ratchet&Clank All4One, Motorstorm Apocalypse, LittleBigPlanet2, inFamous2, Socom4, Yakuza4, DC Universe, Killzone3, Ar Tonelico, Trinity:Souls of Zill O'll, MLB11 The Show, plus everything on PSN from Pixeljunk Shooter2 to Payday:The Heist.

Already bought 'n' beat them all this year? No? Then wtf are people complaining about? STFU and go buy Resistance 3 FFS. Support some of these exclusives you all pine for instead of waiting til they're in a museum somewhere, lol!

On a side note, if new dev' Sanzaru Games hadn't proven themselves with the Sly HD Collection, there would be no Sly4 coming out next year.

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InTheZoneAC2535d ago

never played a Jak game on the ps2, although I did beat Daxter. I will give this a go when it releases...

maniac762535d ago

of course it would happen,youd be a sucka to think it wouldnt happen