Resistance 3 Survival Pack & Free DLC Detailed

The forthcoming downloadable content (DLC), the Survival Pack, for the popular Resistance 3 is set to launch this week, and in order to raise anticipated for the add-on developer Insomniac Games has revealed more details on just how much bang fans will get for their buck. The highlight of the Survival Pack is the brand new multiplayer game mode: Invasion.

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DeFFeR2472d ago

Love Free DLC, and the fact that the pay-for DLC is only $4 is awesome too.

Kaos_Vll2472d ago

This is what's wrong with DLC. GAME MODES should NEVER be paid DLC. NEVER. Greedy devs and pubs will soon only offer DM and TDM and charge you for the rest. Mark my words...

LOOK_AT_THIS_I2468d ago

yup, it kills an online community quicker than nearly anything else. for all you disagrees see MAG. The way those sorry bastards at Zipper handled that they split the community up already with the 3 factions. Then they split them up among the game modes. When they added the paid dlc it divided what little bit of community that did pick it up and segregated them.

Try getting into a dlc gamemode and see how long you sit and wait. This type of strategy will not benefit these companies unless people bend over for it.

Im all for adding to a game, but charge me for the maps if you have to. The gamemodes should come standard as a thank you for providing them a paycheck and incentive to purchase their next product due to good community relations/support of their game.

TheLastGuardian2472d ago

2 new maps for free? Awesome. Resistance 3 multiplayer is greeat.