Special Edition Metal Gear Solid HD Collection will hit EU second quarter 2012

Konami told Digital Life that the Metal Gear Solid HD Collection Special Edition will be released in Europe. The Special Edition will make it's way to Europe the second quarter of 2012.

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galgor2473d ago

I find it very odd that the special edition would come out here months after the standard game is released, unless of course Europe is getting dicked over & both versions won't arrive here till next year.

geddesmond2473d ago

Both versions of the game is delayed in Europe and I bet any money its because of the fall in the Euro currency to yen. Greedy cunts. I'm just gonna import the game from America and save some money in the process. Its not like this game will have DLC and Peace Walker is the only game with online.

dorron2473d ago

What's special about this edition apart from the art book and the case? 80$ for that? I preordered my regular edition for 27€...not worth it IMO.

dorron2473d ago (Edited 2473d ago )

At disagrees, 53€ extra for an artbook and a case aren't worth it, no matter what you say. Keep disagreeing.

Lucreto2473d ago


I thought it was out this year.

Anyway I am getting the zavvi collectors edition.

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