Review: Orcs Must Die! [Gamertag Radio]

Gamertag Radio writes: "When it comes to Tower Defense, you either like it or you don't. Some people really enjoy the tactical planning that goes into these games while others would rather just pick up a sword and do the dirty work themselves. Orcs Must Die! delivers the best of both worlds, itself being a hybrid of a third person action game and a traditional trap laden strategy game. The formula here just straight up works, delivering a unique satisfying experience that no game before it has really offered. Each of the game's twenty-four levels places you in control of the War Mage, a hero whose duty it is to defend the Rifts from a never ending horde of Orcs. At the start of each level you are giving an unlimited amount of time to explore your surroundings and lay out you initial traps in any way you see fit. You can place, rotate, delete and replace as much as you want until you're satisfied. Here's where the fun starts, once you hit the BACK button, the barricaded door breaks and the Orcs start swarming in. You must stop them from reaching your Rifts by any means necessary, as only a certain amount of enemies can enter them before it's Game Over."

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