Blue Wii - first picture

Here is the first picture of the new blue Wii that Nintendo announced today.

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eagle212471d ago

Who would have thought back in the day that Mario and Sonic (with Nintendo and Sega logo's) would be all on the same box selling a nintendo console? Shows you how time changes all.

Magnus2471d ago

Hopefully it will come to NA looks great shame it looses the GC feature.

Rageanitus2471d ago

I got the red Wii.... I kindov feel I wasted my money... just bring on the wii2

dirthurts2471d ago

Get should have made the Wii.
Then it would have been called something cool, and would have had some horsepower under the hood.

narutogameking2471d ago

Glad to see Nintendo keeps supporting the Wii with new models.

That box art is pretty good too. Anyone notice the once rivals(Sonic and Mario) are now on the same box art as "friends"?

UltimateIdiot9112471d ago

=/ I don't even know why Sonic would be running against any Nintendo character. There shouldn't be a challenge at all.

PygmelionHunter2470d ago

Samus and her speed booster beg to differ.

WooHooAlex2471d ago

They keep releasing new models but where are the games??