When online smack talk ends with a man’s hands around your throat

Once again, gaming was the talk of the town for the wrong reasons a few weeks ago, thanks to headlines such as “Gamer throttles schoolboy over online war game” spread over the internet. The usual suspects at the Daily Mail reported the story in which a 46-year-old man was playing Call of Duty all day and suddenly lost it when a 13-year-old boy goaded him over his online death in the game. The man went to the nearby house where the boy was playing, walked into the front room and grabbed him around the throat with both hands.

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Hufandpuf2414d ago

The kid deserved it. He was playing an m rated game and got caught.

SSultan2414d ago

Happened again? Or is this copy pasta? Anywho, kid should of shut the hell up.

FrightfulActions2412d ago

Parents shouldn't be buying these age-restricted games for them in the first place. But in todays world, who finds time to actually be a informed parent? If its this bad now, I wonder what the next generations will be like. Scary thought.