Battlefield 3, Rage 'As Good As It Gets This Gen' - DICE Dev

NowGamer: Next-gen only way to improve gaming says BF3 producer.

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Feckles2351d ago

Rage certainly has an 'end of generation' feel to it, much in the same way Quake 2 on PSone and Shadow of the Colossus had on PS2.

Surely we'll see a new Xbox next year.

DaTruth2351d ago

"Rage certainly has an 'end of generation' feel to it"

You mean the one where it feels like they overreached and came up short! Haven't played the game myself, but heard lots of complaints about technical problems like extreme texture pop-in!

There are lots of games releasing and I can play them, but it does feel like this gen is reaching its ceiling! Especially when next-gen seems to have so much potential; they can pack ridiculous gigs of RAM into a console now for almost nothing in costs!

dantesparda2351d ago (Edited 2351d ago )

@ Da Truth
"they can pack ridiculous gigs of RAM into a console now for almost nothing in costs!"

While that may be more true today than its ever been, it was also true back in 2005/2006 when these systems came out. They both could have at least have packed in a gig. Seeing as how RAM is the biggest limiting factor they have today on these consoles, i sincerely hope we do not see them make the same mistake again.

DeadlyFire2350d ago

There will be at least 2 GB of RAM for next generation machines. Maybe 4 GB as 6-8 will become the PC norm in a short while. First PC games with 4 GB RAM recommended are hitting shelves this year.

There are so many clues around next Xbox being revealed at E3 2012.

Ps4 possibly as well.

Nintendo U is already signed on to show up.

Mrmagnumman3572351d ago

crysis 1 and crysis 2 are good games on consoles, but you play them on pc if you want amazing graphics

Forbidden_Darkness2351d ago

The same could also be said for BF3 and Rage, but even so, they all look awesome on consoles as well.

supremacy2351d ago (Edited 2351d ago )

"Above and beyond the call"

Thats a nice way to get someone's attention. But what does it matter anyway...

meetajhu2351d ago (Edited 2351d ago )

Rage has been maxed out at 60fps. The game proves it. And it has the most polished racing i have ever seen at 60fps. idtech 5 proves its superior in every way just by playing this game. Rage is technical achievement on consoles. PC has more to come with updates.

JellyJelly2351d ago

I don't get why someone disagreed with that. Even at 30 fps it would still be the best looking FPS on consoles to date. Running at 60 fps just solidifies id's position as leaders when it comes to graphics. It also adds to delivering extremely responsive and tight controls.

playaplayer2351d ago (Edited 2351d ago )

I totally disagree with rage being the best looking game on console. Maybe the best looking game on console that runs at 60 fps. But there's not many shooters that does that, besides call of duty. To me the best looking multiplatform shooters on consoles in order are. (I'm counting single player only.)

Crysis 2
Battlefield 3

theonlylolking2351d ago

You are a big id fanboy. You cannot accept that id messed up big time. They did not even come close to the best at 60fps and it is not even close to the best at 30fps.

Best graphics for a multiplatform game at 30fps is probably crysis 2 or BF3. The best graphics for a 60fps multi-plat game is probably none other than call of duty(none of treyarchs games).

Protag222351d ago

In terms of graphics, maybe. In terms of originality and innovation? Definitely not.

Laxman2162351d ago

I dont know why you got disagrees with that mate...
You are completely right.

From my own personal experince ( as well as almost all reviews I have read, the general consensus is that Rage has a sever lack of innovation and originality. Although, it is one of the best looking game ive seen on any console. id always push the envelope in terms of graphics. Now where is that bloody Doom 4 announcment!

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