Microsoft resumes mention next-gen Xbox

Gematsu: "It may come off as a huge surprise, but there are in fact people working on a next-generation Xbox. Shocking, I know."

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snake-OO2539d ago

ofcourse they are working on a new console but guess what, they not gonna tell you they are because the sales on the 360 will drop.

JellyJelly2539d ago

It would be naive not to think that both MS and Sony have been working on successors to the current consoles for quite some time now. At least for 3-4 years by now.

maxqubit2539d ago (Edited 2539d ago )

And they should. For BF3 it is already too late. BF3 on PC has 64p MP and only 24p on consoles (360 and PS3)

I'm a FPS junkie and now I'm forced to go PC to get the maximum out of a MULTIPLAT FPS. I do not blame Dice and EA but I do blame MS.

It will prolly be 2013 before we see a new console so that is 8 years. Imho that is way too long. Hw should be renewed every 5 years or so (with 3-5 years of overlap of keeping both system alive)

Edit: Deal with facts. Fact: BF3 is Multiplat. BF3 PC was lead. BF3 on PC is better than on console. --> result = migrate to PC (which is what I do) ... cause: Consoles are not up to it anymore (simple as that)

Edit2: lol at disagrees. I say 'they should' and you disagree?? So MS should NOT work on a next gen? Lol

blumatt2539d ago

Consoles are still more than viable enough to play these games. Sure it may not be on max settings and have the highest player count, but for the vast majority of people, we'd rather play on consoles.

maxqubit2539d ago (Edited 2539d ago )

Xbox started with Halo. It ends with BF3.

Who cares that it runs Gears? I want BF3 and the only place I can get ii is PC! I'm not saying that 360 is no good anymore, it is just NOT LEADING.

In 2013 you can still say 'well, it runs most games'. Hell you can say that in 2015-16-17. That is NO argument.

360 is not obsolete. The HARDWARE is obsolete. It has a marketvalue of ZERO dollars:)

I'm 100% console gamer. But the hw is obsolete and does NOT let met play BF3 as it was intended. That is a fact.

Guess console gamers have to wait till BF4 in 2014 to play it the right way.

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gypsygib2539d ago

Lol at all the people thinking BF3 is the best game out there. It's just another military FPS with a mediocre SP but with good (uninspired) MP.

So many great games this gen that wannabe soldiers overlook.

maxqubit2539d ago

Oh yes, but that is totally besides the fact that *I* want to play BF3 and NOT 'other good games'

Now, you can counter that with 'Go PC' ... and yes prolly I have to and that's why I said FPS on Xbox started with Halo and ENDED with BF3.

BF3 on PC outclasses consoles solely because of the 64 player MP. That is worrying because no way in the world current consoles will close that gap. Only new consoles will do that. And where are those new consoles?

So that is the problem. There is a 'gap' It is growing and most console gamers are 'so what?'

(in 1 year a smartphone is more powerfull than the 360 ... pfff)

chris m2539d ago

No surprise, in fact I would be surprised if they hadn't been working on it for at least the past 2 years.

and before anyone mentions the "10 year lifespan" that doesn't mean the ONLY console for 10 years

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