Battlefield 3 beating Modern Warfare 3: An In-depth View

Botchweed Writes: "After doing the research on this article, part of me was seriously considering the title "Battlefield Fans More Literate than Call of Duty Counterparts!" Desperate to appear mature at least once in my entire life, I felt like i'd try to give a somewhat unbiased opinion of the information."

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Ezio20482539d ago

please nuff!!
i will stop considering shooting games in future if i see 1 more article confronting these two games...

WolfLeBlack2539d ago

After reading the article I don't think I could really agree with the title. "an in-depth view," since you simply take the Google search stats and compare them in a few lines, which can be done simply by going to Google Trends.

iamnsuperman2539d ago (Edited 2539d ago )

Exactly. The fact that a open beta has been going on for Bf3 and one trailer has released for MW3 recently sort of explains the figures. Google trends just isn't enough to say this was an in depth anaylsis. Where is the possible reasoning/factors which could mean BF3 beating MW3

edit: I just went on google trends and MW3 is slightly more searched than BF3 at the moment. If your going to do an in depth analysis at least include the factors.

redd0r2539d ago

Your edit is already included in the post, did you read it?

Anyway, i think it's interesting to see the data laid out even if it wasn't all that "in-depth"

solidworm2539d ago

Gamewise yes, sales no.

maxmill2538d ago

No in gameplay or sales (Unless you mean the PC BF3)

0neShot2538d ago (Edited 2538d ago )

These low rate unheard of gaming sites are really doing anything just to capture an audience. But this article is way funny, saying an in-depth view using google trends. Bothweed, you amateurish you.