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GeekMandem - " Rage is the recent release by id Software, the creators of Doom and Quake, and thus arguably the creators of the first-person shooter. Doom was one of the first mainstream FPS, though Wolfenstein 3D is usually referred to as the first game to properly do the first-person shooter, and chances are that’s most of what you’ve heard of it. Rage is a combination of FPS and driving game in a way very similar to Borderlands (but with certain differences). The driving, to me at least, is a lot smoother than it was in Borderlands and there are fewer weapons, but the versatility of ammo types will cover any situation you may encounter. Simply put: if you like first-person shooters that aren’t ultra-realistic, driving with rockets and miniguns, and exploration then you’ll love this game."

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Septic2538d ago

The reviews seem to be quite polarised on this one. Many giving this 9's and others giving this 5's.

What does this prove?

It proves that reviews are opinions and opinions are like a** holes- you know how the rest goes.

geekmandem2538d ago

Has a lot to do with what you wanted from the game as well I guess.

I know some people where looking for a borderlands esque game, where as some wanted a more traditional ID shooter.

I personally got the PC version and was very disappointed with the problems on a visual level, but the game its self is rather good

Perjoss2538d ago

Depending on how much ram your gfx card has the problem are easily fixed with a a few lines of code in a config file.

MasterD9192538d ago

It feels, plays and sometimes looks just like Borderlands. At certain points- you could have fooled me.

But it has been an enjoyable ride so far. I'm over 10 hours into it on Hard.

I'd give it an 8/10.