Battlefield 3: Gamers divided over 128 players on Caspian Border map

Product-Reviews writes: There are some cries from gamers that the large map should support more than 64 players officially. DICE are obviously fearing that things will get out of control in terms of keeping the server stable for everyone playing from a performance point of view, but as we’ve seen by the beta, it looks like it may be out of DICE’s hands anyway if they don’t allow this officially since the beta was easily hackable.

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tr00p3r2471d ago

If it happened in the will happen regardless of what DICE want in the final build.

Servers get hacked, it's normal in the PC FPS community, look at CS for

disturbing_flame2471d ago ShowReplies(3)
TheObserver2471d ago

I was the few that was actually disappointed about BF3 not exceeding 64 players for PC. I hold the PC in the highest regards for raw power. If a PS3 can do 256, surely a PC should be able to do 128 with BF3 graphics. Well, whatever. The mod is already made and without a doubt, 128 players servers will exist. See you on the battlefield.

nondecaf2471d ago

Don't feel bad planetside 2 has like 2,000 players.

Septic2471d ago

With 128 players on the Battlefield, you might aswell forget using jets as you'll have stinger missiles up your ass before you've even taken off.

Laxman2162471d ago

Exactly. Large player counts may work in some games, but the way Battlefield is designed, its just a sloppy mess, ends up having the same density as your average Call of Duty-type game. I dont have a problem with that in its own game, but thats far from what I like to see and play in a BF game.

bumnut2471d ago

Then don't join 128 player games, More the merrier for me as some of the maps are too big for player count.

I was playing BF2 last week with 128 players on Kubra Dam and it still felt empty!

Tachyon_Nova2471d ago

It's pretty dissapointing that EA/Dice would ban people simply for playing on one of these hacked servers to be honest. Unless people get an unfair advantage from something, let it be. Apparently the game is 'made for PC', well a major part of PC gaming is having the ability to go further than what the developers supply with mods for example, this is nothing different.

Pandamobile2471d ago

I can see why they were pissed about it in the beta. All the servers were listed as official and ranked. So you can play on a modded server and your stats will still apply like normal.

If people have already modded the server files in the beta, I'm positive we'll have tons of un-ranked modded servers, and DICE/EA won't care.

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The story is too old to be commented.