Chuck Greene’s Role Revealed In Dead Rising 2: Off The Record

TGH: "Forewarning anyone who does not want a major story point spoiled for them do not read any further. If you want to be surprised by what has become of Chuck Greene in this alternate timeline of the events that occur in Dead Rising 2 than do not continue. If you dare, than read on and find out Chuck’s fate."

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rekcahdam2501d ago

*SPOILER ALERT*....... but read it anyway.... you know you want to

NewZealander2501d ago

what happened to capcom?

i remember the days where capcom stood for quality, now they just rip customers off by releasing endless DLC and remixed versions of there sub standard games, to me three of the best devs were capcom, namco, and square, seems they have all lost there way.

Krimmson2500d ago

Capcom's been doing this for 2 decades now. Street Fighter 2 is the prime example of this, and it's not the only franchise that Capcom milked.

With that said, I'll admit that I too didn't see Capcom doing this to Dead Rising. But hey, they do like money, like any other company. Their practices are still cringe-worthy though.

supremacy2501d ago

why do i always get the impression that this guy manages to atleast look like cole from infamous? first it was the jacket and now the shirt?

I see a lot of me toos going around as of late and i don't like it.

DeadpoolBub2501d ago

He had the shirt look before Cole. He wore it in Dead Rising: Case Zero which came out last August.

supremacy2501d ago (Edited 2501d ago )

You might be right, but still I dont like stunt doubles. Sometimes inspiration can go a little too far and instead bring forth a sense of saturation.

Its all I am saying, like websites named after certain games or using part of some famous tag lines as a domain. This is something I feel needs to end, I mean what happened to originality. Oh thats right...