Australian Magazine confirms Mass Effect 3 Multiplayer

EA hasn't revealed anything yet, but Australian magazine PC Powerplay has confirmed that Mass Effect 3 will feature a multiplayer mode.

An update on the magazine's website reveals the front cover for the November issue of PC Powerplay, which confirms a write up from a recent visit to Bioware's offices in Edmonton.

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DaThreats2502d ago

So they can make more money with online pass

egidem2502d ago

I don't like this online pass thing that devs are beginning to get obsessed with. I get that they need to make money off used games, but please, why shove it down my throat? It is also kind of unfair to the gamer as an end user of the product.

If a brand new game costs $59 and the pass is free, isn't it unfair if you buy it used/preowned after a couple of days for $49 and still be forced to pay for the $10 for an online pass?? It's gotten so bad that everyone wants to milk gamers for cash anywhere it is possible: Pre-order DLC, timed exclusive DLC, online passes, Call of Duty Elite etc.

The DLC itself can be further broken down into unnecessary ridiculous things like a DLC that allows you to unlock all guns at once (for the lazy ones), rather than unlock them progressively - why should that cost any money at all if all it does is give you full access to what's already there? Didn't you pay for it in the first place??

Pozzle2502d ago

I don't know why devs/publishers don't do more to work with game stores in order to get a cut from used game sales. Punish the stores, not the gamers who can't afford to buy all their games new. (Hell, I've known game stores who open new game boxes just so they can sell the game pre-owned and make $100 profit.)

Bereaver2502d ago

That's your choice to buy it preowned.

I support developers. I don't mind the pass. All my games are new.

theonlylolking2502d ago

Just do not buy any game that has online pass. Companies are in it to make money, so if more people stop buying games with online pass then they will lose even more money. Then they will get rid of the online pass.

Nunchez2502d ago

Why do they have multiplayer? They should just stick to making a brilliant SP like before.

Drazz2502d ago (Edited 2502d ago )

The old Bioware is officially dead, Bioware/EA is born...
Expect a significantly shorter campaign because of this...

TheOtherTheoG2502d ago

They've already said that the campaign will be as long, if not longer, than ME2's, so you're already wrong there.

shikamaroooo2502d ago (Edited 2502d ago )

World exclusive Batman arkham city reveiw in PlayStation mag Australia and now this from pc powerplay Australia nice to see some world exclusives in Australian magazines

Marquis_de_Sade2502d ago

This could be good, I imagine combining biotic powers with friends over co-op to be a lot of fun.

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The story is too old to be commented.