Uncharted 3 Multiplayer Early Release Impressions

This month, Subway and Sony are running a promotion in which buying a 30 oz. drink will score you PSN code to the full Multiplayer of the game. So, I drove over to Subway and picked up just the cup, got a weird look from the employee and walked out with iced tea inside and ranked up all the way to 35 and now giving my impressions on the multiplayer.

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solidworm2329d ago

DONT FKIN AIM...............easy.

Dark3602329d ago

The video is funny. Don't Fucking Aim...HAHAHAHAHAHA

2329d ago
Nowak942329d ago

Yeah, I thought it showed the way some people play pretty well. And I think I should adapt a bit to not aim while Im close.

Dropdeadll2328d ago

ND should have made the maps bigger, battlefield big and increase the player count that would have been awesome. you can explore the maps and kill.