Double Fine announcements this Friday (Oct 14th)

"Double Fine will be hosting an event this Friday, full of announcements.

(Pic on the right) Shows that Double Fine will have plenty of information for gaming journalists on October 14th. What kind of announcements will be made are of course unknown, but more than likely DLC announcements for recent Double Fine games and new games to be mentioned."

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FunAndGun2389d ago

I think more likely Costume Quest DLC...they just gave the full game away for Plus this month.

banjadude2389d ago

GOD, I hope so! I played the first two components without stopping! Easily, one of the best PSN titles I have ever bought.

wwm0nkey2389d ago


Actually something Psychonauts related is almost guaranteed to happen since the publishing rights reverted back to them.

Lucreto2389d ago

HD remake of Psychonauts

They added achievements on the steam version so I say it will be possible.

Kennytaur2389d ago

Ooh this is exciting!

My guesses:

1. Psychonauts HD for PSN and XBLA(DF has the publishing rights now, so it can happen)
2. More Costume Quest, DLC or Sequel (either way, day 1!)
3. Something Trenched related, DLC and hopefully PS3 release
4. A new and awesome game!
5. Psychonauts 2 (it has the fanbase to succeed and DF knows it)!
6. A new and awesomer game!

Honorable mention: Brutal Legend 2 isn't too far fetched.

Man, this made my week! I love the humor and love DF puts into their games.

Quagmire2389d ago (Edited 2389d ago )


1: Psychonauts HD
2: Costume Quest DLC, maybe a Summer Holiday or Easter theme?
3: Trenched coming to PS3
4: Brutal Legend 2
5: New Game
6: New Game

What would also be awesome if they put Trenched, Costume Quest and Stacking in a disc release, I havent gottent the chance to play those games since I rather buy Disc based games.

Kennytaur2388d ago

I doubt that will happen as Trenched is published by Microsoft (which could also makes a PS3 release a bit more difficult) and CQ and Stacking is published by THQ. But you should buy them even if they're digital as they are truly great games.

Kennytaur2389d ago

I just remembered, isn't Double Fine behind the Sesame Street Kinect game? Something related to that is also a possibility.