S.T.A.L.K.E.R. 2 New Details - New Engine, FOV, Higher PC Requirements

DSOGaming writes: "Remember that interview in which Sergey Grigorovich stated that GSC GameWorld was considering implementing the intrusive ‘always-online’ DRM? Well, that wasn’t the only major detail that was revealed. Grigorovich has also revealed more information about the game engine, the game’s FOV, the system requirements and the possibility of the game coming to current generation consoles. Oh, and the game is still planned for a 2012 release."

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caboose322421d ago

The only thing GSC needs to get right with the graphics is the atmosphere (which they most certainly will). No need for overdoing things like motion blur like you see in many of todays games.

Voxelman2421d ago

motion blur and DoF usually end up looking like crap anyway. Give me better textures and draw distance any day.

caboose322421d ago

Yea, it seems like those are extremely overused these days to hide the little things, and make the game look "actiony".

LightofDarkness2421d ago

Motion blur is unnecessary anyway as our eyes will automatically apply the genuine, true-to-life motion blur that we apply to fast-moving images naturally, even when it's happening on a computer monitor. Any effect applied to enhance this effect is unnecessary.

In theory, it is intended to mimic the behaviour of optical lenses. But I don't view life through an optical lens. It is again the argument that people put forth about lens flare in games, for instance: "if I'm supposed to be this ancient battlemage, why am I viewing and recording his life through a video camera? Was he secretly a robot?"

john22421d ago

And dynamic lighting with a great/atmospheric TOD. Some post-process effects are good but I'd take any day better textures + parallax occlusion mapping than those gimmick and annoying effects

Orpheus2421d ago

I have read the interview never does Sergei Grigorovich say he won't be targeting Holywood level graphics. That may not be feasible but he does not mention it. The only place where he mentions Holywood is while talking about the movie based on Holywood.

Orpheus2421d ago

Sorry for the typo there , Holywood comes into context while he starts talking about the movie based on STALKER

outwar60102421d ago

this one better support 360 pad or controller in general!

lelo2play2421d ago

You got to be kidding me!!! You prefer using a 360 pad for a FPS instead of a KB/Mouse ?

outwar60102421d ago

i have dyspraxia and just find using a controller easier, as its layout is feels better in my opinion

pucpop2421d ago

This will end up on consoles.

Voxelman2421d ago

Yea but I wouldn't want to own the game without the possibility of a Complete Mod. The first three games were great games hidden behind bugs etc but with the complete mods they are amazing.

Letros2421d ago

Says right in the article it's coming to 360...

pctrollv42421d ago

this well end up in consoles with some really shitty graphics. Remember metro 2033 on xbox? hahahaha my god, it was a completely different game on pc when it was maxxed out. On xbox, it was so shitty it was bad. On pc it was so good, it made the game good