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id Software is an interesting company. They’ve brought forth some of the most ground-breaking games in the industry. They release a new game every five to six years, This year marks the release of RAGE. An ambitious post apocalyptic first person RPG game, which outside of the look of the weapons has no resemblance or ties to Quake or Doom. But can RAGE stand along side id Software’s past releases?

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MasterCornholio2327d ago

I am surprised that this game has been getting mixed reviews. Also after hearing many negative reports on the PS3 version being terrible I have decided not to get it. Will probably pick up Dead Space 2 instead or Dark Souls.


Mutant-Spud2327d ago

I'd give it an 8.5, it's a pretty good game, the online is kinda fun too, though I only encountered four maps in Road Rage, there may be more but I didn't see them.
The rally modes are cool, the Carnage mode not so much.
The co-op works fine and it's nice that the missions flesh out the main story somewhat.

gorebago2327d ago (Edited 2327d ago )

I agree with Mutant. This game is alot of fun. Even though it's not technically really deep, you can lose hours playing it, like i did this weekend.

I'm not upset with my purchase and I bought it on the PS3.

But you can't go wrong with the other two games either. Thankfully this game doesn't require a pass to enjoy it so you can buy it second hand later at a reduced price.

gamernova2327d ago

I got it for the PC and I love the car experience. I have pretty much done all the races because they're so fun.

AhBooILoveYou2327d ago

That's great ^^ I don't feel the same way but i'm glad you're enjoying it ^^

gamernova2326d ago

Awe? Why aren't you enjoying it?

MikEyG2327d ago

This imo is the best review for the game its honest but not harsh i agree with everything he said 4 years i waited for this crap fuck id

JellyJelly2327d ago

4 years? That's funny cause GT5 more or less got praised for taking 5 years to make. Reviewers said it was 'worth the wait' etc although it shipped with low res cars and whatnot. Hypocrisy at its finest.

I've played Rage for about 4-5 hours and my experience so far has been amazing.

AhBooILoveYou2327d ago

I think that most reviewers are bias because of id's past success, they feel there's a certain bar they have to rate it at, kind of like how they don't rate CoD games under 9

WolfLeBlack2327d ago

I'll disagree with the description of it being a first-person RPG. It's an FPS, plain and simple, in my view.

AhBooILoveYou2327d ago

Yea.. I'll take that, it is kind of an RPG with all the questing but it is at it's core pretty much a shooter -_-'

Pintheshadows2327d ago

It's id. The mechanics work, the shotgun kills, the tech is new. Thats what id does.

Doom 3 was the same. As was Q3 Arena. And Quake 2. And Quake. And Doom 2. And Doom.

They are known for this and not known for reinventing the wheel from a gameplay standpoint. They have stuck to what they know for decades. Killing stuff with guns. Why would they change when they have it down to a T.

Mutant-Spud2326d ago

Love that Boomstick.
Plus it does some clever things in the way it'll recycle an environment.
Say you take a side mission to retrieve something from the Ghost camp, you've been there before but when you go back some doors will be open and others locked so you get to see new things, things like that extend the playtime without appearing to backtrack.
Also 15 hours seems about right for this type of fairly "Casual" game, with a lot of games I'm just speeding through, skipping cutscenes after about 10 hours, so I can get to the end and get the achievement...Dead Island was like that for me.

Pintheshadows2326d ago

Once I got to hour 8 I said to myself anything from here is a bonus and I was impressed. The general level design is fantastic but again it's an id strong point.

The wasteland itself is very well designed as are the racing circuits.

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