PixelJumpers: Crysis (360) Review

'Even today, the original Crysis feels refreshing. After spending the last few years shooting down linear hallways, it’s a revelation to play a game that combines grade-A shooter mechanics with open and expansive levels. If I had known nothing about Crysis before now, and you had told me this game had just come out today, I would have totally believed you. The fact that Crysis holds up as well as it does is astounding. Various technical issues hold this port back from perfection, but it’s still one of the best and most unique shooters you’ll play this year." Jake Weston, Associate Editor

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dragunrising2500d ago

Aside from the lack of anti-aliasing Crysis looks great. It doesn't look as good as Crysis 2 however the gameplay imo is superior; the levels are less linear and you can go about your mission however you want.

Kurt Russell2500d ago

I never played it, but I wasn't impressed with Crysis 2 by a long shot. Found it to be a linear average affair in all aspects.

If what you are saying is true however, I may be tempted to give it one more go.

playaplayer2500d ago

You should give it a shot. It's a good game. My suggestion is to play on delta difficulty and try to kill all the enemies in the game.