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Original Gamer: Warning: Dark Souls is not for the casual player or for those who have weak constitutions. You will die many, many times. You will grit your teeth in anger and frustration. You will want to throw your controller to the ground and smash it, so if you value your controllers and your sanity, then leave now. But for those who are brave (or foolish) enough to endure the high difficulty and punishing enemies in a world full of demons, ghosts and dragons, then read on. Pepare to die in the world of Dark Souls, you poor soul.

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Canary2540d ago

Dark Souls isn't a hard game.

What makes it hard is the pre-concieved notion so many gamers have that death = failure. If you go into Dark Souls (or Demons Souls, for that matter) with that attitude, you're going to feel overwhelmed with a sense of failure and frustration and you're going to hate the game for being too hard.

If you can accept the fact that you're going to die, and don't invest ANY emotion into those deaths, you won't get frustrated and the game won't seem that hard... at all. It's all about attitude.

JsonHenry2540d ago

I think it is more difficult than a lot of modern games. But is isn't so hard as to be considered brutal either.

This game is all about upgrading, finding the right paths to take at the right levels, and leveling up. Also, finding the right weapons for your preferred play style helps too.

TheComedian2540d ago

Too right,too right.The point of those games are for you to die and learn from those mistakes.While other games do anything to keep you from dying this game wants to hand you arse to you,infuriate you and make you master it in order to hand its arse back to it.Thus the sense of great achievement,thus the sense of badassery.I should know.I was an expert demon souls player,knew the game and its strategies inside out,spent over 350 hours on it and was well capable of making a speed run of 2 hours without dying once.And by the looks of it...dark souls hasn't been any sort of different time sinking enjoyable hellhole up until now.

Ser2540d ago

Learning from mistakes aside, you can't deny that you've been owned in specific areas.

Have you tried taking on the Stray Demon at level 23? Sorry, but I'd consider that to be hard. A lot of people shirk off this game's difficulty, I don't know why - it's genuinely challenging.

If you're saying it's not hard, you're kind of lying to yourself. It's more challenging than most games on the market currently.

fatalis952540d ago

loving this game even though ive lost in total 30000 souls :(. erm.. could someone help i don't know where the giant black smith is in anor lando.

Psychonaughty2540d ago

The game starts off brutal but it gets easier the further you go on (well it has for me) as long as you make the correct choices and use google if you get stuck. The community is very helpful in this game.