Wii U online theory/predictions/details

Operationsports writes: "As you're fully aware, Nintendo announced early, last summer that they will be releasing a new, high-powered video game system, with a tablet based controller late next year! Although a ton of facts and specs have been confirmed, with even more possibilities being speculated and conjured up, but there has been one detail to remain guarded and hush, still following the announcement of the Wii U, and that is..."

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Titanz2476d ago

It could unify the gaming community!

Misterhbk2476d ago

This is the dumbest thing I've ever read. Okay not the dumbest but it's close. Nintendo allowing third parties to structure the online does not mean it'll be open. Judging by how closed off the eshop and online gaming on the 3DS is I doubt well see anything cross platform especially between the Microsoft, Sony and nintendo. You really think Sony and Microsoft are gonna open their platforms for nintendo users? Dream on my friend.

ChickeyCantor2476d ago

You don't need to open your software for other software to communicate.

The games themselves could have their own networking structure using direct connection to a server instead of the PSN one for example.

It's possible in Theory.
Also WiiU and PC should work easily.

Blacksand12476d ago (Edited 2476d ago )

And who is going to pay the software company to cross game play, if you get on the PSN for free. Activision are going to raise the price on people who pay on there console for cross game play so why? If all 3 company's not going to so why?

ChickeyCantor2476d ago (Edited 2476d ago )

"And who is going to pay the software company to cross game play"
And why is it then not such a shock that most PC games have FREE online services for their games?

While software development gets more complex, I see no reason why, after the fact of having created the INTERFACE ( not visually, but technically ) for network capabilities, it would cost sh/ttons more money.

It's in fact that developers are bound to implement different network interfaces in their game so it works with both PSN and XBOXLIVE. How is this better?

Acitivision and EA or who ever can create ONE system which could be implemented by ALL of their own games.

I think this will give them a better position in the long run.

PC - LIVE - PSN and then WiiU's network on top?
Tell me how does this make it easier for developers?

(At least im going to admit that I could be wrong as well)

phantomexe2476d ago

They don't have to open it up. Nintendo only needs 3rd partys to set it up that way. Your not going see halo on the wii but you could see wii owners playing 3rd party games like call of duty. It's a smart move out of nintendo and that's just plain common sense.

zeal0us2476d ago

Cross-platforming with competing consoles and or handheld devices is a no go. I highly doubt Nintendo would allow it.

"we are building a more flexible, robust online gaming hub that allows 3rd parties to build their own infrastructures" does not equal crossplatforming or thirdparties total control of online gaming.

Shackdaddy8362476d ago

If Valve puts Steam on the wiiu then it should be very interesting.

My best guess is that Nintendo will have a type of central (very simplified) hub for their online system which contains news, name, friends, maybe trophies, etc. Then it will branch out and other devs have their own system which is connected to the main hub in some sort of way.

phantomexe2476d ago

That was what i was kind of thinking but will find out in time.

lionelglitchy2476d ago

they could mean that online will be the same as medal of honour on the wii,where you registered with ea and then joined their servers and could join any game you wanted like with pc.if it wasn't a ranked game you could set for sniper only or rifle only whatever you wanted and it worked great

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