Is Online Multiplayer Too Immature For Older Gamers?

It seems like younger and younger games are playing online, and the attitude and behavior is going down the tubes. Are older gamers turned off by this?

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zeal0us2535d ago (Edited 2535d ago )

There always going to some brat, immature 18+ in online multiplayer. It don't just affect the older gamers but also the younger games as well. I expect the 12yr olds to act childish but some of the crap coming from people who probably is 18+ is just......

I wish I still had that hate messages I got back when I was playing COD:BO and WAW.

Mature games played by some immature players.

Mutant-Spud2535d ago

The juvenile monkey business doesn't bother me so much,what aggravates me is when people don't talk but leave their mic on so we can all enjoy the sounds of their mother vacuuming, or their dog barking or the music they have on in the background.
Added bonus! 10-12 year old kids coming into a lobby and screeching "Why won't anyone talk to meeeee!" or sending you the "Can U Hack me 2 8th prestige?" texts.

coryok2535d ago

while im not going to name any games, there are a few that i tried out that the little kids would piss me off, and then there are the awesome ones where it seems like everyone playing is mature.

i dont hate playing online, i hate playing online games with little kids that scream for 2 hours before their mom starts telling them they need to get off the game or be quite.

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