Games make genocide fun!

If today's hottest games are to be believed, there's nothing better than making an entire species go extinct. How fun!

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Bimkoblerutso2543d ago

They're NOT to be believed....they're video games.

DasTier2543d ago

*Spoiler* Halo is hardly comparable to genocide, at least on the side of the humans.The nearest thing to genocide we see in the Halo Trilogy is by the covenant. The first time we are introduced to the covenant they have multipleships chasing the last surveying ship from a human colony, and at the end of the storyline the covenant have discovered and attack the Earth. The Covenant are shown to be trying to complete their "great journey" and at the same time killing everything in the galaxy indiscriminately. However, I wouldn't really even agree that their comiting genocide as it's not against a specific group, just anyone who appears to be a possible threat to them whi gets in the way.

NagaSotuva2543d ago

I've enjoyed gaming genocide since Lemmings.