NBA 2K12 Review -

MMGN writes: The last two years have been fantastic for fans of the sports game genre, as we’ve gotten what I believe to be three of the best sports games ever made: NBA 2K11, FIFA 12, and now NBA 2K12. I don’t think anyone expected 2K Sports to so successfully expand on what was a superb outing with NBA 2K11, but that’s exactly what’s happened: developer Visual Concepts has improved a number of areas drastically, namely the rewarding My Player mode, while refining ball and player physics as well as presentation. The final outcome is a superb basketball game, one that has been slowly tweaked and reworked over the past few years, becoming arguably the best sports game series around. NBA fans might have a gloomy next few months ahead with the player strike continuing, but they can rest assured that NBA 2K12 has everything (and more) to fulfil any type of hoop cravings.

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linaavec2475d ago

long live NBA2K12. RIP NBA Live

iceman062474d ago

RIP=Rest In Pieces??? Seriously, EA will never be able to compete with Visual Concepts if they keep selling pieces of the experience. Just make a complete sports game for a change EA!!!

MariaHelFutura2474d ago

Aside from hockey, 2k has always dominated EA. The Nfl2k series was so much better, EA bought the license and shut it down. Try Nfl2k5, it still better than anything Madden has produced to date.