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LAG - "Silent protagonists are video game heroes who never speak. Whether or not they make noises, perform actions, or are completely void of any expression, they are all silent protagonists, so long as they do not speak words. Despite being unable to speak, some of them have plenty of personality, while others succeed in forming a connection between the player and the character/game. This list names the top 10 silent protagonists, whether they found their way to the top 10 through charm or effectiveness is irrelevant."

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Quagmire2542d ago (Edited 2542d ago )

Isaac Clarke was an awesome protagonist

And then he had to talk....

Pintheshadows2541d ago

Freeman, Freeman, Freeman!

smashcrashbash2541d ago

R1, Nathan Hale
Jak and Daxter, Jak.
LBP, Sack boy/girl

Acquiescence2541d ago

to the point where I'll deliberately avoid buying a game that has one. There's just no reason for them to exist in this day and age.