SIXAXIS Gaming: 2K Sports Have Dropped The Ball

This article is a word of warning to anyone considering buying the game for it’s online features. Nothing more. Nothing less. 2K Sports have cataclysmically screwed up one of the game’s most important modes, and here’s how they’ve done it.

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Orbis2475d ago

I also just wanted to add that the offline components of the game are superb. If you live in Yemen or any other country without broadband internet access, you should definitely buy this game.

Brettles672475d ago

great article. couldn't agree more

funk992475d ago

terrible online gameplay
get it fixed 2k

PidgeottosCrew2475d ago

No doubt they're being hit hard by angry gamers. Perhaps a few patches in the near future?

Orbis2475d ago

One would hope so.

Playing the game online at the moment is a complete waste of time, and the frustrations are further accentuated by the fact that the offline aspects of the game are boner inducing.

Ashby_JC2475d ago

the problem I have is....WHEN has any 2k b-ball game been good online in the last few years?

For as many of the things 2k does right..they do just as many wrong. Glad I play it for a week or so and send it back!!

Orbis2475d ago

The online leagues in 2K11 were really solid in my opinion. We ran regular seasons on SIXAXIS Gaming and it was by far and away the most fun I've ever had playing a sports sim online. Sure, there was a little bit of lag, but once you got used to it, you forgot it was even there.

Ashby_JC2475d ago

U wonder why they even changed it to what it is now.

From wat im reading its BAD...really BAD!!

Just improve on as you said what worked. For the ppl like you who loved a feature...they took it away and added something that is underwhelming apparently

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