TGH: White Knight Chronicles II Review

TGH Writes: Level-5 is a known developer of great titles like Dark Cloud, Dragon Quest VIII, and the Professor Layton series. White Knight Chronicles would be their first developed title for the Playstation 3. Now that White Knight Chronicles was released a few years back with some major gripes. Level-5 hopes to set the record straight with White Knight Chronicles II. So will this sequel provide the players their long awaited improvements? Or will Level-5 repeat the same mistakes twice? Find out in this review of White Knight Chronicles 2.

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ShadyDevil2471d ago

I might pick this up since its an enhanced version and it has both games.

Canary2471d ago

Yeah, that's pretty tempting. Just do yourself a favor and wait for a price drop/sale. While it can be entertaining, it's a pretty mediocre JRPG with a lot of little annoyances.

Omegabalmung2471d ago

150 hrs played and counting :)