Let’s gun down cops and civilians

MMGN: I want to be a bad guy. We play the hero far too often in video games. Sure, we’re condition to root for the hero, and often the underdog, in stories from a young age, but just once I want to be fighting against Jack Bauer, and winning.

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Lavitz20122541d ago (Edited 2541d ago )

It's my game i should be able to do what i want if i wanna kill a civilian i should be able to do it.It's not like i'm gonna go and do it in real life.

@below you know there's always gonna be butt hurt people over something they don't like.

Sandmano2541d ago

Tell that to the douches who wanted to sue R* about Manhunt and in turn prevented us from getting a Manhunt 3.

deadpoole2541d ago

ppl r idiots, who can't seperate or differentiate real life with fantasy or made up stuff.

yea sure ... director of 24 decides to kill innocent ppl or cops in movies, nobody raises a voice and calls it a masterpiece whereas if gamer does the same in a game ... suddenly an uproar ... hypocrisyy at its finest.

Hufandpuf2541d ago

make your own game then. then you can kill all the civilians you want. Also, they have game about racisim, genocide, and all of the above. Why don't you play that too? You won't do it in real life, so why not do it in game?

I won't feel different about you if you enjoyed a game about killing Jews <--sarcasm/

I JUST wrote an article about morals, I love GTA, but if you WANT to go out of your way to kill civilians (not to test funny physics or AI and take it dead seriously), that's a test of your sanity.

Lavitz20122541d ago

Dang bro chill it's just my opinion if you don't like it that's fine with me.

Did you ever play a game on ps2 called total overdose??It's a game about a white man killing hispanics i'm hispanic did i find it offensive to see my race get killed??No it's just a game.

ECM0NEY2541d ago

Killing Jews is different then killing civilians. Killing Jews is alienating an entire people. Killing civilians can be killing any race, religion, and or sex.

Hufandpuf2541d ago


Total Overdose does not have white people killing Hispanics.
"The player assumes the role of Ramiro "Ram" Cruz" <- That's a Hispanic name

Also, when you said: "It's my game i should be able to do what i want if i wanna kill a civilian..."
It's not made by you. You can't decide what goes in the game. The only limitations that are in it are what the people that made it put in.

I have played Resident Evil 4, That's a game that has an American killing Spanish people. But its OK because that's the PLOT of the story. I didn't say, its fun killing Spanish people while I played. And if I had a choice, I wouldn't kill them unless they tried to kill my player

Games like MW2 give you an option, or games like GTA give you an option. those are fine. But why say, let me have the ability to kill them, or include them so I can kill them to see what happens.

"it makes it look realistic" <-- that's the saddest excuse ever.

Chocoboh2541d ago

It's actually not your game you only buy the license to play the game. The game still belongs to their respective publisher.

ECM0NEY2541d ago

this^^^ fuck cops

They are just like any other street gang but state sponsored.

Xenial2541d ago

They are just like any other street gang but state sponsored."

- Made me lol. +funny bubble

Finger-Eater2541d ago

Last time I check street gangs didn't protect me or my community.

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dinkeldinkse2541d ago

I would rather use mind control and make them do what ever I tell them to do.

Inception2541d ago

it's only a game
nobody's hurt...except virtual characters :P

2Negative2541d ago

Im going to kill everything thats moves in Saints Row 3. With nut shots.

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