Do noobs who complain about hip-fire in Uncharted 3 suck at shooters?

Gamer.Blorge writes "One aspect of the game I have seen some people complain about is its hip-fire gameplay mechanic. Apparently, some gamers feel that firing from the hip is too powerful.

The fact is effective hip-firing is nothing new and something that exist in all shooters. Its a tactical gameplay mechanic- if enemies are close, fire from the hip if they are far use iron sight.

Case in point- take a look at these two videos showing gamers firing from the hip rather successfully in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 and Battlefield: Bad Company 2."

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LOGICWINS2539d ago (Edited 2539d ago )

Uh oh. This is gunna get hot.

"The fact is effective hip-firing is nothing new and something that exist in all shooters. Its a tactical gameplay mechanic- if enemies are close, fire from the hip if they are far use iron sight."

Thank you! Hipfiring occurs in every online reason that people should be complaining now.

deadpoole2539d ago

Game is fine ... every game has got gameplay mechanic ... play it and deal with it. Seriously Hipfire and iron sight fire ... everything is fine in this game.

Nowdays ppl complain about anything. Next Thing you know they are complaining ... my game doesnt play itself ... lolll. Then developers will have to write code that will play the game on their behalf .. lolll

HSx92539d ago

It amazes me how such an inappropriate title makes it's way to, a professional website.

evrfighter2539d ago

article should be a forum post. Amazed it's considered an article here at n4g...not really

elshadi2539d ago (Edited 2539d ago )

look who's talking
the xbox troll (who don't even own ps3) with the first comment in this topic:
"How To Be Good at the Uncharted 3 beta; Sad Truth about the Game"
aren't this also should be a forum post ???

@Peppy la Moca
"In fact that is the reason Uncharted will remain a second rate competitive shooter. Nobody takes that game seriously as an online shooter. "
you lost every credibility you have right there

Gamer30002539d ago

lol elshadi owned you big time
+1 well said elshadi

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P_Bomb2539d ago


Anyone heard of a lil' game called Halo? I've heard its sold a copy or two. It doesn't even *have* iron sights. Everything save for the sniper rifle is from-the-hip.

Shottys are pretty much made to fire from-the-hip and its a popular exploit, from 007 Quantum of Solace to Gears 3

Various COD, Killzone, Resistance, Uncharted, BioShock, Crysis etc games all have online boosters that either directly improve hip fire accuracy or have weapons with individual stats that vary the effects of hip fire accuracy, distance, stopping power, fire rate etc. They're meant to be used.

People no-scope sniper rifles and noob-tube in COD all the time. Let's not get pretentious about Uncharted online all of a sudden.

Peppy la Moca2539d ago (Edited 2539d ago )

LMAO you guys must be joking. You do realize that first person shooters don't really have hip-fire since there is always a reticle on screen right? And there is absolutely no aiming involved in hip-firing in Uncharted, you just have to make sure they're on screen and you'll be fine. Hip-firing in that game is a joke. In fact that is the reason Uncharted will remain a second rate competitive shooter. Nobody takes that game seriously as an online shooter.

Single player is AMAZING though =)

And don't go calling people who complain noobs. I'm lvl 35 and I have 1309 kills, 781 deaths. So I'm doing just fine by for myself.

And they said they wanted to compete with the big dogs in multiplayer, LMAO at least no one can say they never tried. Shame it's a SECOND RATE comptetitive shooter.

EmperorDalek2539d ago (Edited 2539d ago )

Second rate? What do you consider first rate? It beats the living crap out of the BF3 beta (on consoles) and MW3 multiplayer looks like a joke (coming from a COD fan).

I know I will get disagree's for this, but I'm mostly getting Uncharted 3 for the multiplayer.

Boody-Bandit2539d ago (Edited 2539d ago )

2nd rate?
Competitive shooter?

The sad part is you are being serious. Who in the hell cares about competitive shooters? I play games to escape reality and have a good time. Somebody needs to realize gaming is entertainment and suppose to be fun. I didn't realize we were being graded when we play games online. Who are these group of people that are grading us?

Somebody needs to play more in the sun and less on their gaming console.

BTW a ton of people hip fire and no scope in a lot of shooters. Battlefield, Halo, COD, Gears, etc. Most people hip fire with shotguns in Gears but I guess that's 2nd rate non competitive as well.

As long as I am having fun playing nothing else matters and Uncharted is one of the most fun games I have played this gen.

Peppy la Moca2539d ago (Edited 2539d ago )

Apparently you're not familiar with what the word competitive means yea? When you play AGAINST other players it is called competitive genius.And people hip fire with the SHOTGUN in Gears because it is a SHOTGUN and fires in a spread, and they only do it at close range. There's a reason you don't see anyone hip firing with the lancer or hammerburst or retro lancer (not since the beta for the retro lancer at least) dummy.

Oh and don't try to be funny and end up sounding stupid. - " Who are these group of people that are grading us?"

It is A group, 1 single thing.It is not "These" group, smart one.

Uncharted is a great series, could be excellent. Shame about the SECOND RATE competitive portion though =)

Boody-Bandit2539d ago (Edited 2539d ago )

Coming from a member with an account nearly 5 years old and only 60 comments? I think it's safe to say I am going to sweep you under the carpet and simply ignore you. I don't deal with ignorance nor immaturity. Go find the sun, seriously, it wont turn you to dust.

Peppy la Moca2539d ago

That's weird, I didn't realize activity on N4G had any correlation with the validity or invalidity of a statement. And how ironic is that you, the one who is so hell bent on me going outside and playing in the sun (and whatever other cliche having to do with being on the computer too much/playing too many video games)is giving me shit for not posting on N4G enough LMAO.

Stick to one angle, lest you sound like a moron. And quit stalking my profile weirdo.

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phantomexe2539d ago (Edited 2539d ago )

There was hip firing in UC2 but there is a such thing as to much and UC3 tops it. If you played UC2 for longer then and hour then played UC3 then common sense will tell you something not quite right. On a side note logicwins... all of your comments play it safe. Your like a politician or a kiss a$$ i never know what to take from what you post. Not takeing a jab at ya :} That's a nice point peppy la moca all but the uncharted second rate shooter crap.

xAlmostPro2539d ago

I have to disagree with yourself and others who complain about uncharted 3 hipfire.

I'm currently level 22 on the newest uncharted 3 multiplayer beta i have close to 2k kills and i find aiming way more effective in uncharted, infact i couldn't even count how many times i've hipfired because i cant remember when i have because i do it so little.

add to that i barely get killed by hipfire, you can tell who's hip firing because the character raises the gun and does a weird movement looking thing.

If anything the melee is what annoys me if you take somebody head on with punches its almost certain you're both going down.

But yeah my point is personally, the hip fire is not an issue, have you played killzone3 hipfire in that game is like a laser! Aiming is more effective in UC3 for sure. (fully ranked in UC2, fully ranked in the first uc3 beta and like i said 22 in this one so far)

Motorola2539d ago (Edited 2539d ago )

I'm sorry. I have played UC2 online for at least 60 hours. And have played the new Subway beta for about 12. I REALLY don't see the problem with hip firing. The recoil is tremendous but that's the only real difference to me. And the people who are complaining, haven't played this game long enough.

phantomexe2539d ago

Really theres alot of people who says there are. I think you see what we are all talking about....If you have played the hours you say you have.

Jonah_Reese2539d ago (Edited 2539d ago )

Bottom line people just want to complain, God knows what the true endgame is; honestly and this is just my opinion, every time I see a complaint I feel as though there is a certain amount of sardonicism involved.

TUGA2539d ago

Wich beta did you like the most? The summer beta or the one were getting now? To me the summer beta was much better than the one were getting now so why the hell shouldnt i complain? Im sure that ND goes to forums like this and gets feedback from us and if there are enough people complaining maybe theyll take the overpowered hip fire.

Gamer30002539d ago

you have every right to complain but not here
go to ND forums and give them feedback

TUGA2539d ago

This is a video game news website, Uncharted 3 is a video game, ND are game developers and im a gamer. Is it wrong from me to say on this website that i dont like the overpowered hip fire on Uncharted 3 beta? Am i only allowed to say positive things about Uncharted 3? Should i be a mindless fanboy drone that only says positive things about Uncharted 3 beta? Sorry but i quite enjoy having my own opinion!

Jonah_Reese2539d ago

No one said that you have to say only positive things, regardless of how many disagrees you get, if you have a valid point (and it's truely valid) then it's valid. However the hip-firing being overpowered argument? That doesn't sound like a valid argument it sounds like whining, I shoot from the hip and I don't get automatic kills. At the end of the day it's my opinion, you could just be used to a shooter a certain way but I'm used to Uncharted being how it is, I have no qualms with it so far. I like this version better but it's not really a beta.

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Outside_ofthe_Box2539d ago (Edited 2539d ago )

Once again you are missing the point.

Hip firing at close range and Using sights from mid and long range is the way it should be.

What people are complaining about in UC3 is that hip fire is very effective. Apart from sniper distance you have people running toward you hip firing at you at an unreasonable amount of distance followed by a melee attack.

Now, I've played the UC3 subway beta, but I have yet to encountered what people are talking about when they say the summer beta is better. To me, both play the same...

I don't have a problem with the hip fire in UC3 I'm just making clear what people are complaining about because apparently people don't understand...

"Thank you! Hipfiring occurs in every online shooter"

Thank You! For stating the obvious! Yes hipfiring occurs in every shotter, but in every shooter is hip firing from long rage more effective than using sights?

I'll allow your logic to answer this one...

And Once again, I personally don't have a problem with hip firing in UC3. I've tried it myself and what I found out is that against experienced players isn't all that effective. I'm just letting you know that people are complaining about hip fire being more effective than sights at distances where sights should be more effective.

egidem2539d ago

Noobz will complain about pretty much anything. Noobz will complain that BF 3 grenades take too long to explode.

I don't find hip firing it too powerful in Uncharted. It can however take you by surprise. You might run towards a corner and meet a guy carrying a shotgun. They might be better than you, so obviously they'll blow you up. You might complain, but that's how the game is designed.

Only thing I can find a little bit annoying is the amount of Bunny Hopping people do during multiplayer matches. Even before you start shooting, they are jumping and hopping across the map, which makes them slightly more difficult targets. XD

Dark_king2539d ago

The bunny hopping annoys the hell out of me.Alot of games need to have stamina that gets affected by doing things like excessive jumping and dropping prone and popping up repeatedly.
On topic,I don't like that it more accurate to hip shoot then aim.

Sub4Dis2539d ago

hip fire might occur in many other games, but in Uncharted 3 you have massive auto aim makes it feel like you're not even playing the game.

i just read the other article that showed the video of how easy it is and then turned on my ps3 and tried it...blew my mind. it felt like i was just running in circles holding R1 and someone else was doing the aiming. it's like a reverse rail shooter. instead of you aiming while the game moves you, you move while the game aims for you. especially when you're using the rocket'd have to have severe parkinsons to miss.

ReservoirDog3162539d ago

Though I doubt I'll really play much of Uncharted 3's multiplayer (not big on multiplayer) but to be fair, I always preferred firing from the hip in most online shooters. Always use steady aim in CoD and stuff.

Makes it feel more....well, like Half Life I suppose.

FanboyPunisher2539d ago

Only thing I noticed is the sluggish aiming mechanics, has some added weight to it similar to kill-zone but not as obvious. I hate the aiming because of this, i will never enjoy a game that inhibits my aiming.

Even with lookspeed turned up, it isnt a fluid natural aiming system, there is processing that isnt giving 1:1 aiming, it has a steep acceleration effect to it.

A RENTAL for me.

andibandit2539d ago (Edited 2539d ago )

Yes hip firing occurs in most shooters, the usual drawback is reduced accuracy. Also it's usually a short range option, and the shorter the range the more you have to move the reticle around, to center on the enemy.

UC3's Auto Aim Hip Fire, is just fail.
It ridicouless, people running in circles around eachother, trying to dodge bullets like Neo in The Matrix.

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Ducky2539d ago (Edited 2539d ago )

Not surprising given the site's history.

These are the same guys that said RAGE on PS3 would use all 8 SPEs.
However, this article is a bit better... just wish they went with a different title.

imaballa992539d ago

To be clear, the story said that id Software said Rage is using all of the PS3's SPUs. The game still needs the PS3 OS to run in the background don't it?

Tony P2539d ago

"just wish they went with a different title."

The title is pretty loaded, isn't it?

Ducky2539d ago (Edited 2539d ago )

The Cell has 8 SPUs.
One is disabled.
The other is used for the OS.
That leaves 6.

The meaning behind iD's comments were that all available SPUs would be used, but it seems the author didn't take the time to try and comprehend the meaning of the comment.
(i.e. the author missed the actual point)

The same applies here.
The main point was that hip-firing is too effective, not the fact that hip-firing exists. It's a question of balance.
... and no, First-person shooters aren't the ideal thing to compare to a Third-person shooter either. (Games like BC2 and CoD actually have cross-hairs. Hipfiring in CounterStrike is not the same as hipfiring in Uncharted.)

I personally don't find much of a problem with UC3's hipfire. What I don't like is people who call others names whenever some complaint is raised about a game. (Hence my displeasure at the title)

Dart892539d ago

I don't complain i just go back and find that mofo and kill him:D.

Optical_Matrix2539d ago

Whats wrong with hip firing. Say I'm playing Killzone or Battlefield, I breeze round a corner and an enemy is running straight towards me. Me shooting from the hip or zooming down the sight which takes that little tiny bit more time and effort could be the difference between me killing, or being killed. It's not something you should rely on, but at the same time, in certain situation, I see it was convenient. It's not even accurage, so whats there to complain about?

Mr Tretton2539d ago

hip firing in U3 (and U2) is basically 'proximity auto aiming.' You can be running past someone, hold the fire button and it kills them without having to aim at all, your character's body turns at the waist and locks on the enemy. That's way different than hip firing in an FPS. FPS's, before ADS, were all hip firing games.

Shmotz2539d ago

But as far as I know in Uncharted 3 the radius for hip firing lock on is MUCH smaller compared to Uncharted 2. Along with the accuracy being much worse.

Motorola2539d ago

I just put to the test what you said. I am fairly decent at UC3 and when I hip fired, it didn't lock on, I had to sway the analog stick and it just flew over an enemy, it didnt lock on.

RyuCloudStrife2539d ago

i think noobs who complain about CoD suck at shooters... oh wait