Epic Games Delivers Complete Package with Gears of War 3 (Review) -

"The Gears of War franchise has been a massive success from the beginning. The first game was the killer app for Xbox 360. The game perfected cover-based shooting, had a fantastic co-op mode, and featured huge action set pieces; however, was held back by a broken multiplayer mode. The second game improved on the first with bigger set piece moments, a better told story, and finally what has become a staple in the shooter genre, Horde Mode; a survival mode where you keep going through endlessly improving waves of enemies. Later on, bugs were found and once again a lack of dedicated servers stopped it from competing with Call of Duty or Halo for the most-played game on Xbox Live. Now the third game is here promising to fix the issues of the past and more, does it deliver?"

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WrAiTh Sp3cTr32543d ago

Yup, it's pretty good stuff...

Typical-Guy2543d ago

I love Gears 3 it awesome! The horde mode is soooo much fun. But after I read about the upcoming DLC in November, I hated the term DLC. They're adding stuff that should've been in the game. I'm really worried about other games. God damn whoever invented DLCs

2542d ago