PlayStation Blog - The Drop: Week of October 10th 2011 New Releases

Rey Gutierrez writes: On The Drop this week, you can finally get your hands on the graffiti spraying, side-scroller PSN exclusive, Sideway: New York.

Set the sky on fire with Ace Combat: Assault Horizon, Frank West returns in Dead Rising 2: Off the Record and zombies infest the wild west in Red Dead Redemption: Game of the Year Edition on PS3.

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Canary2538d ago

Bleh. Kind of a nothing post. Then again, most of these things are. I was hoping for news about the PS2 classics series. I'm really hoping Sony will add a game or two (at least) every week.

FreydaWright2538d ago

Some of the PS2 classics are already available on PSN. Go to "New Releases", select the "Only on PSN" tab, and the "Playstation 2 Classics" tab is at the end of the first row.

Disregard if you already knew this.

Canary2538d ago

Well, yeah, but that was the first, inaugural update. What happens on Tuesday will be an indicator of what to expect from the series. For example, if we get 4 more PS2 classics, we can assume the library will be steadily updated. 1 or 2? Off-and-on updates like the PS1 classics. No new PS2 games? That would indicate a very slow-building, sparse library, much like that of the PS2 HD ports.

FreydaWright2537d ago

I understand your first statement now. I saw some non-existent implication. But yes, I agree. It would benefit both the consumer (for nostalgia and curiosity) and Sony for reselling these games digitally for $9.99. Two to four a week would be ideal.

shadowknight2032538d ago

I want Payday now..and so do 200+ ppl who have it on preorder via PSN :P

But on a less complaining side of things, that new psn game 2d sprite in a 3d world seems really cool! I even noticed 2 players going at the same time, I hope its coop online and not just offline coop. Its pretty trippy too, but in an originally cool kinda way.

LoveMyKids2538d ago

Rip Al Davis you will be mised.

Biggest2537d ago

Owner of the Oakland Raiders. He passed this weekend at the age of 82. A great man in the game of American football.

dinkeldinkse2537d ago

Of the Oakland Raiders(a NFL team or a professional American Football team if you don't know what the NFL is). Did many things for the advancement of the sport.

Fil1012538d ago

any1 know when dc universe hits the ps store ???