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The highest-rated racing franchise of this generation returns.

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iXenon2384d ago

For some reason, I was under the impression that Off The Record was an expansion pack...

Bull5hifT2384d ago

Reviewers Say Highest Rated franchise this Generation.. Can We have Our Checks Now MS?

iXenon2384d ago

No, you can't. That's a line from a press release issued by Microsoft :p

Micro_Sony2384d ago (Edited 2384d ago )

Funny how you left out the word RACING in your comment.

Its a fact that Forza is the highest RACING franchise this generation, so need to scream ZOMG MS paid off reviewers.

Hitman07692384d ago

let's see how forza 4 turns out after all this time

iXenon2384d ago

I heard some good things about the demo

Boody-Bandit2384d ago (Edited 2384d ago )

You will know in 2 days Hitman. I am picking mine up tomorrow night at midnight or first thing first thing Tuesday morning.

2384d ago
Michael-Jackson2384d ago

The week and half is better, Batman Arkham City!!!

Criminal2384d ago

I'm interested in seeing how the new Ace will turn out.

earbus2384d ago (Edited 2384d ago )

Yeah going by the ace combat demo the graphics are downgraded compared to ace 6 almost gimped looking and the stock controlls yuk ill def get forza 4 was a big fan of ace 6 the new demo has made me wait for the ten dollar bin hell ace 6 is still 50 bux preowned here it was so good online. But hey you might love it its just my opinion.

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