343's Frank O'Connor Weighs In on Ryan Payton's Departure From Halo 4

X360A writes: During our lengthy chinwag with 343 Industries' Franchise Director, Frank O'Connor, we eventually got on to the subject of innovation in relation to Halo 4, asking why Creative Director, Ryan Payton decided to depart 343 as the studio looks to push boundaries and innovate.

“Ryan hasn't been the Creative Director on Halo for more than 15 months and he was doing something different on the game when he left. He was working on the narrative design of the game, and I absolutely get that – in some ways he was making the game with cinematics – and for want of a better term, conventional storytelling," Payton's "good friend" O'Connor explained. "Ryan comes from a Japanese gaming background, and he worked on Metal Gear Solid obviously, which has a pretty surreal blend of storytelling and action. And I think he wanted to do something much more... I don't want to speak for him. That's so unfair."

O'Connor continued, offering a little more insight as to why he thinks Payton...

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earbus2502d ago

He must have wanted to make the whole game a cut scene lol get out.

StanLee2502d ago

Basically. They were making an FPS and he wanted to make Metal Gear Halo.

Laxman2162501d ago

As much as I dont think Halo 4-6 should be a Metal Gear Halo, something of the sort based in the Halo universe could actually be pretty cool. I understand some people dont like Master Chief for whatever reason, but no one can (truthfully) deny the universe is brilliant, any game type could be made well within its confines.

humbleopinion2501d ago

An almost identical story (down to the quotes) was published by CVG over two weeks ago: /320282/halo-4-departure-hasnt- affected-team-morale-insists-34 3/?cid=OTC-RSS&attr=CVG-New s-RSS

What's going on? It almost seems like X360a is recycling old stories.

Convas2501d ago

I actually think it's more like they are overworked right now. Which is why they brought in Lee Bradley as another News Editor.