Metro: Last Light Minimum & Recommended System Requirements Revealed ?

Metro: Last Light Minimum & Recommended System Requirements have shown up on an webpage which may very well be fake but the requirements indicate it may be more demanding than Metro 2033 but the game releases in 2012.

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Orpheus2506d ago (Edited 2506d ago )

These requirements may be fake but you can still compare them with those of Metro 2033 Minimum and Recommended System Requirements :

ATi_Elite2505d ago

those requirements posted are useless!

No GPU series listed and recommended says DX9 which is wrong cause recommended will be DX11!

Metro2033 requires a BEASTLY PC tun run full tilt. I'm sure 4A Games optimized the wonderful 4A Engine more......but then they added more eye candy and physics!

Metro Last Light is a must have for me!

ProjectVulcan2505d ago (Edited 2505d ago )

Ignore Metro's requirements/recommended anyway they are near useless. 2033 is one of the most demanding games made so far, only very high end stuff can max it in 1080p and manage over 30 frames.

pr0digyZA2505d ago

Hopefuly this one is optimised better.

2505d ago
Brownghost2505d ago

i thought i would have to upgrade my computer but i can actually run this on maximum