Blackbible responds to's claim about Uncharted 3 Beta

GamerFitNation's BlackBible formerly ranked number 1 in the world for kills in Uncharted 2 responds to's claim about Uncharted 3 Beta

Read full story to see a list of issues found within the Uncharted 3 Beta. GamerFitNation believes that most of you will agree with our claims.

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LOGICWINS2476d ago (Edited 2476d ago )

I've been killed a lot by blindfire and I've killed a lot with blindfire. It doesn't bother me to be honest.

There was TONS of blindfire in the summer beta(most people who got the most kills in matches were using the Arm Micro to get easy kills with no aim) so I don't understand why people are complaining about it now.

If some dudes running a circle around you while blindfiring at you, why in the hell would you try to aim at him? Your pretty much asking to die in that scenario.

@Blackbible- Your right about the level design being a factor that tempts people to use blindfire more in Uncharted 3 as opposed to Uncharted 2. If you take a map like "The Temple" in Uncharted 2, you won't see much blindfire because the map is one HUGE square that generally leaves a lot of distance between players.

Although, UC3 maps are open as well, these maps have tight interior spots were players have to duke it out close quarters.

jetlian2476d ago

know what blind fire is? its when you shoot while on a wall without aiming down sights. If they are running and gunning thats shooting from the hip. blind fire accuracy is way to high

NewMonday2476d ago

Their is no perfect recipe For MP, their will always be issues for some, as long as the same tools are available for all, players just have to adapt.

jetlian2476d ago

after reading a lot of post on here seem most are talking about hip fire which i'm fine with. Now behind a wall aka blind fire needs fixing

inveni02476d ago

The truth about being shot at with an automatic weapon is that you'll probably be hit, whether the shooter is aiming down the sights or not. So it sounds to me like the complaint is that the blind-firing and shooting from the hip just aren't "Hollywood" enough. I think that's a valid complaint for single-player. For multi-player? Well, you should have to earn surviving such onslaughts. We can't all be the hero.

Heartnet2475d ago (Edited 2475d ago )

dude blind firing is the term used when UR blind firing lol not the character. Hip Fire is still firing blind cuz u have no reticle.. maybe not to ur avatar but U are :)

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WhiteLightning2476d ago (Edited 2476d ago )

I don't get it LOGICWINS what's with the sudden change of heart. You were agreeing with me like a day ago about how it's broken and now your going on about people complaining still.

Like the guy says were complaining because we want it be good as we want it to don't feel the need to change sides because people see you as a "whinner". Even the patch they've just released dosen't make it seem any closer to the Summer Beta.

EDIT: Oh I have

I just like commenting on here....because...well you know, it's a commenting section on a game website

Gamer30002476d ago

hey i always agree with you
but this time i'm not
what you do here will not help the MP to get better
if you have problems go to ND forums
and say those problems there
give them feedback
you only feed the trolls with all what you do here

LOGICWINS2476d ago

"You were agreeing with me like a day ago about how it's broken and now your going on about people complaining still."

BEFORE the patch I agreed with you. I'm owning the game is awesome.

elshadi2476d ago (Edited 2476d ago )

did you played the game after the patch ???
bec i didn't find any problems with it after the patch at all
even in Noughty dog forums every one is happy after the patch and what games3000 said is right
you are not helping Noughty dog to see your problems
you are only helping the trolls in N4G

EDIT:ahhhhh fairy disagrees from the trolls
go ahead and knock your self out like i care

thePatriot2476d ago

I will not comment or give my opinion since I haven't played the game yet or the beta. Your mind = BLOWN

BLACKBIBLE2476d ago (Edited 2476d ago )

If you feel differently please explain I'd love to discuss this topic. With those you make valid points. @logicwins it's because no one is really shooting anymore, don't get me wrong I'm very good at getting Gunslinger, commando's, and spray and pray's but at the same time I have to agree that the lack of striaght on shooting is making the game a shoot and punch fest!

Tarantino_Life2476d ago

Its also important that you accept that a lot of ppl are not getting these spray kills anymore after the patch and are also enjoying the beta as it is now and not have any alterations again. It makes sense that when you are less then medium range hip firing should be more accurate. While I respect that you have a problem with that you should also respect that a lot of ppl dont have a problem with the way the beta is playing now. Its not a question of whether ND can do no wrong. Of course they can but it is important to respect the opinion of ppl who currently like the beta as it is and do not want the changes you are suggesting and not brush it of comparing it to something silly like rooting for a home team

LOGICWINS2476d ago (Edited 2476d ago )

"...but at the same time I have to agree that the lack of striaght on shooting is making the game a shoot and punch fest!"

There are many options to kill someone in Uncharted 3. I don't see why people believe that players should HAVE to get the majority of kills by shooting straight in order for the game to be deemed "fair".

When you spend $60 on a game, you have the right to play it the way you want it as long as you don't have an unfair advantage over anyone else.

Every player has the option to camp, blindfire, shoot straight etc. It's their business which one they like to use the most.

Someone blindfires at blindfire at them back. Someone aims at you, you aim at them back. Simple.

Number_132476d ago (Edited 2476d ago )

weak dude
Using the fact that you paid $60 as an excuse for the game having a broken mechanic is pretty drenched in weak sauce.
Why not just admit that the game needs tweaking? Where's the skill in blind fire and punching your way to victory? Very noobish

LOGICWINS2476d ago (Edited 2476d ago )

Whats weak? Giving players the choice of shooting their gun the way they want to shoot it? How is that broken? LOL, are u serious?! Thats logical!

What do you want? ND to tie everyones hand behind their back and take away the ability to blindfiring.

I get a CRAZY amount of kills by simply blindfiring with my handgun and then hitting my enemy. I got first place on the Syria map right after the patch by doing that. And guess what, I had fun. You guys act as if people who blindfire are invincible somehow lol.

I think if UC3 beta players want to critique something they should ask ND why characters can survive a 150ft drop, but getting pulled down from a 10ft ledge is instant death!

Gamer30002476d ago

why are you in ps3 article ???
you don't own the console .. so why you here ???

and i agree with you @LOGICWINS
and after the patch the MP is awesome again

rob60212476d ago

I agree with Logic, I'm sick of this old tired argument that 'aim' in shooters should always be the end all/be all in competitive gaming. Honestly it just makes every game play the same and it just makes me feel like i'm playing the same damn game with a new coat of paint. There are hundreds of games you could go play to get the aim=skill games you guys seek, go play something else; you are not short on options.

And boy does it upset the people who are really good at shooters when you try to mess with the formula.

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Ares902476d ago

100% agree.
I have been many times in this situation
Me, taking cover and shooting. Enemy just runs towards me blindfiring and kills me with a melee hit.
Tell me that is okay...

And don't get me wrong people. I LOVE UNCHARTED as much as Blackbible or any fan does.

LOGICWINS2476d ago (Edited 2476d ago )

"Me, taking cover and shooting. Enemy just runs towards me blindfiring and kills me with a melee hit.
Tell me that is okay..."

Whats wrong with that? You screwed up because you should have had a better view of your surroundings while taking cover. Thats why theres a 360 degree camera so you can see whats going on around your from all angles.

If I saw you in that situation, I would have blindfired or fragged you. Thats one of the risks of taking cover and shooting in REAL life as well as the virtual world. Someone can easily kill you from behind.

This isn't a new concept. It applies to ANY third person shooter that has a cover mechanic.

Number_132476d ago

Lol Logic, please don't bring real life into this, in real life a man cannot take a hundred shots in the chest and live to joke about it.

Ares902476d ago

There's nothing wrong with blindfire + melee as long as you are in a very close range to the enemy. This happens on Uncharted 2 also...
My problem, and the problem of many other players, is the distance the enemy is blindfiring, it makes no sense.

dantesparda2476d ago

I agree with Logicwins, i hate hearing people complain about campers, and shot guns, and this and that. If they can do it then you can do. I always strive to take out those who fvcked with me, and do it. Unless they are doing something that you cant do (some form of cheat) then i dont care. You play however it works best for you!

LOGICWINS2476d ago (Edited 2476d ago )

"Lol Logic, please don't bring real life into this, in real life a man cannot take a hundred shots in the chest and live to joke about it"

Number13, thats not only real life. Thats common sense in ANY third person shooter with a cover system. If someone gets you from behind while your in cover, 9 times out of ten your screwed! Thats not a technical flaw, thats just a risk ANY player has to take when they're in cover.

elshadi2476d ago (Edited 2476d ago )

"Lol Logic, please don't bring real life into this, in real life a man cannot take a hundred shots in the chest and live to joke about it. "

so you take one shot in gears and then you are dead ???

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WhiteLightning2476d ago (Edited 2476d ago )


Although I do disagree with one little thing

You say it's ND, that they'll listen and that they will fix it BUT......they only had to tweak a few small things in the Summer Beta they never got round to doing so WHY did they have to change everything they got nearly perfect after the third patch they released near the end of the Summer Beta. If they were listening they would of fixed only what needed to be fixed and left the rest of the stuff alone. Do you know what I mean, them changing the already improved content seems a bit funny, like something is going on....I mean no one would do that after all that hard work and feedback you would of had to go through.

BLACKBIBLE2476d ago (Edited 2476d ago )

This is my last thought bubble and I have to say... you're right! I was thinking to myself when I 1st played the subways beta "Somethings is wrong and off with this game" In the 1st beta I was going nuts and getting a shit load of kills, but in this one I was feeling like it was too fast at times then felt there were delays in the actions of my A.I.

I soon realized that the wasn't tweaked, it was completely changed from the one in the 1st Beta. If any of you want to speak to me further about this, feel free to speak to comment on the article at Where I can answer.

Tarantino_Life2476d ago (Edited 2476d ago )

@Whitelightning - What is the change you would like? Reduce blind fire accuracy? Improve gun accuracy? Reduce health? Reduce speed? Unless you specify these things in the ND forums ND will not change. For every complaint in this forum there is a compliment such as
"Posted by: gsecrist83 on 10-05-2011
Excellent update! Feels much more like the July beta. Thanks for caring about us fans!"

"Posted by: Knobby_Peteers on 10-05-2011
is this a patch or has everything magically changed?"

You also have ppl complaining that patch ruined it and the original subway beta was better. Case in point

"But why did both Stopping Power AND recoil have to get changed? The recoil made shooting take more skill and made the game feel like a new game, not just a copy/paste game mechanics job. The AK-47 was completely fine, as was the G-Mal; they just both needed stopping power to make aiming take prevalence over “running and gunning”.
With both stopping power added and the recoil removed (which it essentially is) the game feels out of whack."

How do you possibly expect them to make any change if one likes the original summer beta, one person likes the UC2 mp, one person likes the original subway beta and one person likes the subway patched beta. Atleast provide your solution to the forums and lets hope ND responds

MrSpace2476d ago

Don't kid yourself Tarantino_Life there is still a load of people complaining. Those "compliments" come up here and there

I'm always on that fourm all the time and trust me theres been hardly any difference to peoples reactions.

Like many others on here there kidding themselfs, the beta is still unbalanced. If someone like BlackBible is saying this aswell then come on take a note here.

The online is a blind fire mess......I mean I've seen people blindfire someone from high above still

Honestly it's like you can't say anything bad about Uncharted and ND on here. For christ sake guys this is why we don't have nice things because people put on a fake smile and put up with what ever a developer gives them.

phantomexe2476d ago (Edited 2476d ago )

Same feeling i got and i messed around on it awhile. The subway beta wasn't right. I love uncharted and will be there at midnight to get it but the mutiplayer isn't right yet but i think ND will fix.

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FamilyGuy2476d ago

Holy shit dude, I remember you VERY WELL in Uncharted 2. Video was spot on btw, NaughtyDog listens, all people have to do is speak up, getting feedback is the main point of having a beta.

jack_burt0n2476d ago

logic and rob are spot on, if the game gets broken again like uncharted 2 there will be NO reason to play this over COD/Gears.

Platforming is crucial part of the game if you dumb it down with making long guns overpowered for noobs traversal BECOMES BROKEN>>>>>> >>>>>>>> ;>>>>>>>&g t;>>>>>>>& gt;>>>>>>> >>>>>>>> ;>>>>>>>&g t;>>>>>>>& gt;>>>>>>> >>>>>>>> ;>>>>>>>&g t;>>>>>>>& gt;>>>>FFS

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nicfurlong2476d ago ShowReplies(3)
Dart892476d ago

I just got off playing a few a games and i tried blind firing and not once did i get a kill.All my kills came from aiming and duking it out.

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