TGH NBA Jam: On Fire Edition Review

Anthony D Writes: It has been a while since the masses were treated to a loose style of NBA title like NBA JAM. The previous NBA Jam was only on the Wii, which garnered relatively positive reviews, with the only negative comment citing the lack of online play. Fear not NBA JAM fans, On Fire Edition dunks its predecessor with online modes and a bevy of awesome features. Is it enough to make players shout ‘BOOM-SHAKALAKA!’ or is it simply a double dribble?

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ShadyDevil2535d ago

NBA JAM OFE is so awesome! I love this game. Just a fun game while 2K12 is serious and realistic. Just a great game to relax with friends with.

ferelinstincts2535d ago

Haven't played many Basketball games but this one looks like fun. : )

Rob9462535d ago

Looks good may give it a go.

Rampaged Death2535d ago

The first NBA Jam game I have ever played and it's brilliant fun.

willie322535d ago

This game brings back many memories. It reminds me of the days of NBA Jam TE.