A Small Hint Of What The Future Holds For Criterion Games

Ian Fisher writes: Outside of releasing Burnout Crash to the dismay of gamers everywhere, developer Criterion Games have stayed extremely tight lipped about what the future holds for the studio. There’s no concern that EA will shutter Criterion, but the main issue has simply been what’s next for Criterion? Will Criterion immediately be the go-to studio for developing future Need for Speed: Hot Pursuit games or will Burnout receive a proper follow-up at some point? We still don’t have a firm grasp of what Criterion will be releasing unto gamers next, but some recent job postings do hint at a few things.

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TopDudeMan2505d ago (Edited 2505d ago )

Burnout paradise 2: Hot pursuit would be nice.

And make it just like need for speed most wanted where you could get chased by the cops just for the lulz.

Hicken2505d ago

I would really like something along the lines of another Burnout Paradise.

Jio2505d ago

All I want is a new Burnout, didn't like Paradise, I want a Burnout that goes all over the world and is exotic, that would look awesome with the new engine.

Knushwood Butt2505d ago

The market for multiplat car games is getting very crowded. Even some of the more established brands are having a hard time to sell copies: check out Need for Speed Shift 2 for an example.

Criterion need to come up with something that stands out from the crown, and Burnout Crash aint it.

Quagmire2504d ago

Grab the license from Disney-fag and make a Split/Second 2!

ainsz2504d ago

Words of wisdom, I hope that game continues in some form.

Jio2504d ago

I remember when the developers said there would be "a thousand ways to destroy a car" and that the damage would be real-time. I was excited and finally played it only to find out that the damage was not real-time at all. If Criterion made Split Second 2, it could be one of the best racers out there!