R.I.P. PS3: Resurrecting The Champ

VelocityGamer writes: Consoles these days just don't last like they used to. Have a look at mine, see my little trick to bring it briefly back to life and then accept that it's time to move on.

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PS3ROCKS2474d ago

Mine broke in a year few months

egidem2474d ago

I just hope he backed up his PS3 stuff somewhere (external HDD or to the cloud (PS+)). Last thing you'd want is to lose so much progress in those game saves. Happened to me (Couldn't copy nor back up Dragon Age and Demon's Souls savefiles). PS3 died and all those hours of frustration, hard work and so much progress went down the gutter just like that.

Canary2474d ago

I've had a Wii die once, a 360 die twice, and an original xbox die 3 or 4 times (god, I hated that console). Never had any problems with PSP/DS/3DS (yet).

PS3, on the other hand? Most reliable hardware I own next to Amazon Kindle. No bugs, no crashes, have a launch 60GB model and a slim, perfect experiences with both.

Here's hoping the Vita is as well-built.

egidem2474d ago

Good for you. It depends on the user experience that one gets, but it looks like the PS3 is a more reliable hardware than the Xbox 360.

In my experience, my PS3 has frozen, crashed, suddenly restarted and encountered data corruption errors more times than I can count. I'm on my second PS3 now and it works perfectly fine. I'm beginning to think maybe it was the PS3.

On the other hand my Xbox 360 (bough Jan 2008) has been absolutely flawless. Not a single freeze, hiccup, RRoD, nothing. Just flawless. Then again, that's my experience. Someone around here would beg to differ with my view.

godofboobees2474d ago

I can vouch for the original Xbox. That system was reliable for me. Mind you I think it had every STD on it and then some.
My ps3 has been running strong since launch. Can not complain at all

yesmynameissumo2474d ago

60GB launch PS3 still rockin'. Here's hoping I get another 4 and half years out of it.

Hockeydud192474d ago

I think mines about ready to go as well. Thing gets so hot now. It emits so much heat actually that my room gets so warm. It's in a totally open space as well. Time to start savin the cash...

TheCrazyMerc2474d ago

Air out ur ps3 it cant breathe! Probably have dust in the fan that are the sizes of rats. Lol!

Hockeydud192474d ago

Lol, I got a disagree. The nerve of this site. Someone probably thinks i'm a 360 fanboy hoping my PS3 dies.

Anyways I've tried blowin the dust out of it, but I don't wanna risk opening the thing up. I do have cats, so I'm probably screwed either way lol.

egidem2474d ago

Have you ever tried doing a fan test for your PS3? I believe it works on all slims as well (I recently tried it the other morning and it works).

I recommend you open it up and clean it. You could head here and then follow the guide, if your PS3's warranty expired.

Then again, if you don't want to risk opening it, then don't try it.

SonyStyled2473d ago

if im thinking of the same fan test as you it causes the 60gb to brick. althought it works on everything else

SonyStyled2473d ago

ur supposed to vacuum out the vents you know that right? gets all the dust out so the system isnt being choked to death. the dust might pancake in there if you dont making it more difficult to get the dust out.

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