Forza 4 Demo Gameplay

Velocity Gamer: Forza 4 is just a few days away from release and a demo has been recently released on Xbox Live.

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earbus2539d ago (Edited 2539d ago )

The mountains just look stunning nearly time to break out the wheel most anticipated game this year for me,gears now forza then bf3 all i need for the year and half of next year lol.

BiggCMan2539d ago

First off, driving line is for noobs :P Second, I felt like I was playing Forza 3 when I tried the demo yesterday. Didn't seem any different to me which makes me wonder why it's getting such high praise. It's a good game, but nothing entirely different from the previous title, plus it still confuses me that they call it a definitive racing simulator when it clearly does not try to do that.

kaveti66162539d ago

I agree that it's really an incremental upgrade from f3. But as far as being a simulator, I think it's as good as any other console racing sim.

DontShoot-Me-Bro2539d ago

Every footage I've seen its like the car is drifting, i don't know if it feels like that while playing, but you can see it more in 3rd person view, every turn.. the back just hangs out, like a Need for Speed game, or Dirt. But graphically it looks great, graphically its nearly as good as GT5, give or take.

i know people who prefer Xbox or Forza are going to call me a fanboy just because i said graphically "its nearly as good as GT5". But its the truth, its actually a compliment for Forza, because GT5 was highly praised as being life like.

kaveti66162539d ago

I see a lot of drifting in videos but those might be specific to the people who like to drift and decided to post videos of themselves drifting.

I've seen plenty of videos where the car doesn't drift. I've played Forza since Forza 2 and Forza 2 also has a reputation for drifting, but I've never been able to do it. That should tell you something. It's not easy to do and I imagine the reason you see a lot of drifting vids is because people like to show off that they can do something difficult.

As far as graphics, both Forza and GT5 are inconsistent. Some car interiors in Forza look insanely detailed while others are very bare and cartoony. Some tracks look really great while others are old ports from as far back as Forza 2 and lack polish. The grass looks really flat in some areas and so do the guardrails. The damage modeling is really unimpressive in most cases.

But GT5 has the same issues all around. Of course, GT5's premium cars look amazing, but I think Autovista cars from Forza are on par.

BlmThug2538d ago

I know you didnt try out the demo because when i played the F4 demo it was a massive improvement from F3. The physics alone warrant a purchase and the tons of extras is a gold layer of awesome

BiggCMan2538d ago

Don't tell me what I did and didn't do, I played the demo, I felt like I was playing the same game, get over it.

Bathyj2539d ago

Looks nice.

Is this a slippery road or is this guy a noob?
Maybe its just from driving with a control pad instead of a wheel.

Boody-Bandit2539d ago (Edited 2539d ago )

Forza is built for pad users and not a wheel so the guy playing obviously is a rookie at best. In other words, it is easier to play with a pad than a wheel.

Most of the videos you see are from rookies or worse.

I am picking up F4 Tuesday. I am hoping it's an upgrade from 3 and not just something that feels and plays like an extension. I am getting mixed opinions from friends that already have the game. Guess I will find out for myself soon enough.

Fast forward to 20:25 and they tell you this game is built for 270 degrees of rotation and the cars have active auto steer to help aid the car is staying straight even with professional mode is enabled under steering options for those disagreeing. Oh and check my profile and then look up my XBL GT and you will see just how much I played and still play Forza 3.

Sorry peeps here have a hard time digesting the truth. It handles good on wheels but Forza is not designed for wheels first and foremost. It's designed for pad players and the POS plastic MS wheel.

I use the Fanatec GT2 with Clubsport pedals to play Forza. I think I would know first hand how it handles on a wheel. It's nice but it takes a lot of tweaking and various settings depending on the car and event.

Here is another video showing you how to get around the game being programmed for 270 degrees so 900 degree wheels are more responsive with Forza.

Tito082539d ago

Hey, question, whats the difference between the Logitech wheels & the Fanatec, & which you prefer????

ironwolf2538d ago

Active Autosteer can be turned off.

Boody-Bandit2538d ago (Edited 2538d ago )

Fanatec and Logitech use completely different gear types for their force feedback. The best part is Fanatec offers 3 wheels that works with the 360 as well as the PS3 and PC.

Fanatec has smoother more realistic resistance over the Logitech wheels (I own a G27 and owned a G25). Fanatec wheels also offer a ton of adjustments on the fly with an LED readout on the wheel. You can set level of feedback, degrees of rotation, rumble, deadzone, linearity, dampening, drift, etc while playing any game and gives you the option to save 5 presets.

Even with the all the assist turned off the CPU still active auto corrects the vehicle to some degree. Watch the video (20 mins in an on) I provided above. Those guys are among the best drivers in the sim game and they explain it to you. That has always been a gripe with hardcore sim and wheel users with the Forza series.

The SRT guys (Shaun and Darrin) specifically say "even with all the assist turned off the aids assist you with keeping you car on the track but this game is built for pad, yadda, yadda and so forth.

These guys, like myself, love Forza. They are not out to spread FUD and are just being honest. They always are.

Forza plays decently on a wheel but it does assist you even in it's purest form. You can feel it on the wheels. Especially on the Fanatec wheels and when you have tried games that offer true 900 degrees of rotation support.

I am seriously pumped for Forza 4 but it is what it is. Those in the know, know. Just check FMS forums. This has always been a heated debate with wheel users and fans of this series.

Bathyj2539d ago

Easier with a pad? Really?

Thats pretty stupid.

I just asked because he over corrected and slid alot, and even when he didnt, he never once looked like he got a corner in one smooth arc like you should.

I'm pretty sure its just this guy. A good player with a wheel would nail it.

Boody-Bandit2539d ago (Edited 2539d ago )

I agree that it is stupid Bathyj but a good wheel player will hang or surpass any pad player. A lot of my friends use pads to play Forza and I rarely ever lose to any of them. Unless I'm goofing off.

I just wish Turn 10 put more emphasis on wheel support and true 900 degrees of rotation without active auto steer.

JVIV2539d ago

The game play feels very arcade style and not simulated I have never understood why this game gets compared with gt5 in terms of driving simulator they are completely different , forza should be compared more with arcade racers

BiggCMan2539d ago (Edited 2539d ago )

Yea that's exactly right. Perhaps not compared with games like Burnout, but more along the lines of Need for Speed Shift, that is a blend of arcade and simulator just like Forza. It's not completely realistic, but it's different from the high speed action oriented racers.

EDIT: @Hicken. I never said there was anything wrong with it, I haven't played it enough to say. I like Forza, always a great series. Just not a legitimate simulation game like they advertise it to be.

Hicken2539d ago

Prepare for disagrees and or trolling complaints, guys. Forza/360 fanboys don't want to hear that there might be something wrong with their exclusive racer.

iamgoatman2539d ago

Comparing it to NFS Shift is laughable, and shows you have no idea what you're going on about.


Theres a difference between legitimate criticism, and deliberately downplaying something for invalid reasons.

IRetrouk2539d ago

in a way hes right though, if you play forza with all assists on it does have more than a whiff of arcade type gameplay, without the assist though it really does turn into a very good sim like experiance, i dont think gt5 really needs to be brought up though, the two games are actually quite diffrent when you get stuck into them, i think thats why i make sure i play both

kaveti66162539d ago

Well of course lRetrouk, if you turn all the assists on it's an arcade game.

Is it the fact that those options exist that bothers you guys?

If you turn off all the assists, it's a good console sim like GT. And they're both pretty worthless when compared to PC sims, so there's no point arguing about which console sim is better.

IRetrouk2539d ago

as i already said i think forza is a really good game, i will play and enjoy this one just as much as the other three, if you turn on assists in gt5 you get the same kinda arcade like driving, but both games are best without them, it wasnt a critisim, i have my le paid for, and a week booked off work, add me on xbl, we can have some races.

Hicken2538d ago

I'm not saying you were pointing out any flaws in particular. But fanboys of Forza absolutely refuse to see any flaws with the game. Missing features don't matter, etc.

I'm also not saying Forza won't be a great game. I'm only saying that very few Forza fans are willing to see both the good AND bad in it.

GT fan that I am, I'll admit to the damage not be extensive enough, or to the fact that the AI is rather stubborn as far as following the racing line and such is concerned. These things need to be fixed.

But even if a Forza fan says something... not even negative, but just NOT POSITIVE, chances are they'll get a hundred disagrees and get hit for trolling. That's just how it is.

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iamgoatman2539d ago

Again with the generic arcade comments, have you even played the game yourself or are you just copying what all the other fanboys are saying to fit in?

It may not be as hardcore a sim like iRacing, but it's as much a sim as GT5 is.

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