Mass Effect 3 Project Director Casey Hudson: "We have some amazing things planned for the future"

"Executive Producer on the Mass Effect series Casey Hudson and Project Director on ME3, talks about the future of the Mass Effect franchise beyond Mass Effect 3"

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zeal0us2325d ago

Mass Effect MMO? I sure do hope so, long as its not something look and or feel generic or look like a clone.

hudsoniscool2325d ago

i want them to continue the mass effect series but i think they should take a little break with mass effect after ME3. Maybe do a couple differant games like DA3/ other game.

Drazz2324d ago

DA3 needs 100% focus after that dud they dropped called DA2.

Shadowaste2324d ago

I cannot wait to see mass effect on next gen consoles/pc, I am so burnt out on the console unreal engine, when I see it, I shudder!

It looked so amazing when I first saw gears of war on xbox360, no, it just kind of annoys me. I will still get ME3 for sure, but I am really looking forward to ME4 on next gen!!

thats_just_prime2324d ago

"Amazing things" translate to more run and gun and less rpgs