Will a Unified Sony Be a Game Changer for Mobile Gaming?


"The first ever PlayStation that was introduced in 1993 was bought 100 million times over the course of 9 years. Eventually, Sony saw that the gaming industry needed more, and rightfully so, Sony created the PlayStation Portable which has now given birth to the PlayStation Vita. Although the PlayStation Vita seems to be a great device, consumers are still left wanting something more. So just what what is Sony missing?"

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zeal0us2418d ago (Edited 2418d ago )

I think it will help Sony with truly getting into the mobile gaming market.

Android Os need some or a standard on

What good is having mobile games on android devices if only a small of devices can run the games. For instance Shadowgun.

I think it would good for Sony, after they buy out their cellphone section. That they make a minimal standard for all their cellphones.

kcuthbertson2418d ago

First off..

Android has nothing to do with this.

For the range of android devices, apps run extremely well on most devices. And that's one of androids main selling points. Customers have CHOICES..not one new phone a year that looks identical to last years...

Bull5hifT2418d ago

Will PS Vita use an Android Based Operating System, that would be nice to have a huge Catalouge of games plus those mini games

zeal0us2418d ago

Actually android does have something to do with this. Sony buying out Sony Ericsson, Ericsson release the Xperia series, which runs Android OS. It pretty obviously after Sony buyout the Ericsson division they will continue to make Android devices. I doubt they would make WP7 devices seeing as M$ control the OS.

I should use a better word than standard, minimal requirement would be a better word. Beside I said on cpu,gpu and ram not outward appearance. So even if there was a standard or minimal requirement it wouldn't necessarily mean all android phones/devices would look the same.

hkgamer2418d ago

The PS Certified android devices has some standard.

MultiConsoleGamer2418d ago

Sony is doing everything right.

Micro_Sony2418d ago

Except for marketing - they need to take notes from MS and market the sh!t of exclusive games.

Picked up R3 and wondered why Sony did not show pure gameplay of this game instead of Kevin Butler on a horse.

R3 is amazing and felt like I was playing Half Life all over again.

MultiConsoleGamer2417d ago

I'm only talking about this particular move. Mobile is the future of portable gaming. Sony know this and they're getting ready for the future. Great move on their part.

maniacmayhem2418d ago

Sony's xperia is a great device and sony should focus on that more. Especially with the rise of smartphones.

supremacy2418d ago (Edited 2418d ago )

Once this buyout is complete, they should really look back at their designs. Sony is one of the few companies along apple and others to really make sleek/sexy devices and I think they should stick to that tradition.

They need to design new mobile phones with a sleek/sexy/elegant yet simplistic design. Then follow that up with a nice price structure and ad campaigns.

Doing this will put them up there with the apples and samsungs in the mobile space, assuming their phones also pack in some serious power as well.

As for the gaming aspect. All they need to do is build a device which caters to many while addressing certain issues. Balance in pricing and cost is key, so its easier said than done.

Take the xperia play for example, had something like this launched instead of the original psp(at that time). Sony would have dominated two markets with a single device, but fast forward to now, and here we see a device that instead of setting itself apart its just part of whats trending.

Then there's the vita, while I love this device more so than half of their other devices. I will say its a clever device with a few missing key design features that I feel are needed to make it stand the test of time. L3&R3 functionality, a build in hdd even if its flash base? Would really put this device face to face with tablets, ipods and such. Heck had I designed the thing it would have included L2&R2 buttons in addition to everything else on board. Make them by skues, 16gb 32gb, 64gb and so forth.

As for software, simply allow and fully embrace those 99cent games without changing the price structures found in the phone versions while also distributing the other stuff as well.

Take the hit and price it competitively and market the whole package like no tomorrow. And thats what should happen.

Canary2418d ago


The mobile phone was a game changer.
The tablet was a gamechanger.

Portable gaming consoles are becoming increasingly anachronistic.

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