1UP - PS Vita Hands-On Editor Roundtable

1UP - What we like and dislike about Sony's new portable system (and games!) after messing with it (and them!) for a couple hours. Uncharted, Resistance, and more.

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Malice-Flare2421d ago

Gravity Rush and Uncharted are the games i anticipate for the PSV...

MAiKU2420d ago

I kinda laughed at the discussion they had in the article. It was like the gamer's version of the view.

I'm looking forward to Gravity Rush, i always have an interest in unique games.

buddymagoo2421d ago

I'm looking forward to Fifa and Call of Duty out and about.

JellyJelly2421d ago

With so many games coming out on both PS3 and the 360 this and the next year I just don't see any incentive on buying a handheld.

Paying $249 to play games with inferior graphics on a tiny screen for 3-4 hours before you have to recharge it compared to playing graphically superior games on a big screen TV just doesn't seem like a 'winning' option to me.

I guess I just don't see what's so great about handheld gaming. To me it's like paying more to get less than what you already have.

Wintersun6162421d ago

Forgot about portability, eh? Maybe it's not your thing but there's a large portion of players who want to play on the go. And also there's the games that will be Vita exclusive too. So for me there's a lot of incentive for getting this.

NewMonday2421d ago

Why have a laptop when a desktop is more powerful for less?
Why do we need mobile phones?
Why do we need EReaders and Tablets?



buddymagoo2421d ago (Edited 2421d ago )

Portability, for when you are not at home and still want to game. Think trains, aeroplanes, buses, parks. Anywhere really and that's its purpose. I'll get most use out of it on the toilet though, lol.

Bereaver2421d ago

You do know that it's handheld so you can take it with you? Let's see you take a PS3 with a 47" to 52" or even 58" TV on the road with you.

I don't stay in my house all day. I go to work, I go to my friend's house. I go to visit relatives.

CynicalVision2421d ago

This may seem like a strange concept to you but there are people to actually use portable handhelds when they're outside...yes, outside! :O

GoldenPheasant2421d ago (Edited 2421d ago )

sound like you're jelly, and you're painting arguments left and right. Why not have saved your time, shoved your comment up your ***, where it belongs, and gone and played some of these mmmmmmmmmmmaaaaaaannnnnnnnnnnn yyyyyyyyyyyyy games you DID see an incentive in buying.

jony_dols2421d ago

The same could be said about any handheld console ever released. I'm sure people said 'Why would you want to play SNES games on your Gameboy when you can play them at home on your TV?'

cpayne932421d ago

The games will be cheaper, and it will have new ways to play that consoles won't have.

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godofboobees2421d ago

Looks like someone needs to get out of the house. Roadtrip is not in your vocabulary my friend

KwietStorm2421d ago (Edited 2421d ago )

Pfffft, handheld. I got a special harness made with my PS3 and state of the art battery pack on my back, and a 24" TV in front. Sure I look stupid. Sure I'll have back problems after the next tourney, but I'll be laughing at you all while playing uncharted 3 in the rain.

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