Is Brink worth its new $9.99 price tag?

CG - "I’m sure I wasn’t the only one that was eagerly anticipating the release of Brink. I mean, it was a Bethesda game, and that counts for a lot! But when the game was released, it was met with a raucous series of BOO’s."

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JonahNL1931d ago

I'm probably going to get a lot of disagrees, but I actually like Brink in its current state. Sure, the launch was horrible, but what game hasn't had a poor launch? Have we all forgotten about Black Ops all of a sudden?

If you play with friends you can have loads of fun. The game is actually plagued by noobs who have no idea how to work together and play properly. I dare say this game failed due to poor players.

Joule1931d ago

nope not even for free

M-Easy1930d ago (Edited 1930d ago )

As the 1st person in the world to platinum this game I say $10 is the perfect price point.


Edit @t0mmyb0y below

Lol every trophy hunter/whore/collector worth their salt has a YGC account. I'm 1st on all sites. Too bad Sony doesn't keep their own leaderboards.
PS3T is broken right now.

t0mmyb0y1930d ago

"Tracking 224,858 users World Wide." Nice try M-Easy :D Im considering getting this game it had me interested before it was released.

pangitkqb1930d ago

I just got it for free on Steam yesterday thanks to IGN. :D

Gonna give it a try tonight.

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christheredhead1931d ago

how is the online matchmaking now? i liked brink quite a bit, but when i would jump online i would be playing alone. so essentially i would be in an online bot match hahah. like for some reason i would only get connected to matches with maybe 2 people at the most, sometimes. haven't gone back to it because of that.

Brownghost1930d ago

during the free weekend the game was pretty good with a lot of the problems gone that some say

unkn0wn1931d ago

"I'm probably going to get a lot of disagrees..."

I don't agree with what you said, but I'll agree with the post just to contradict your initial assumption.

strange19861930d ago

I bought it from Gamefly a few weeks ago for ten bucks and I think it was a pretty good purchase. I can see why it got poor reviews, but I've found it pretty enjoyable overall.

ME19891930d ago

"Sure, the launch was horrible, but what game hasn't had a poor launch?"

Ermm...a TON of games?

BISHOP-BRASIL1930d ago (Edited 1930d ago )

Yeah, most games release finished, but you can't pretend many games (some of which were highly reviewed, had huge budget and major hype) haven't indeed also launched broken.

It have happened to all platforms, exclusives and multiplats, physical media and digital versions... I'm not saying it's alright to release the game broken, it isn't, but I can see why he would assume it to be usual as in fact it is.

egidem1930d ago

I remember seeing this game this past summer being hyped sooo much as the future of FPSs, thousands of custom character creations, being published by Bethesda...What the hell happened???

ddurand11930d ago

i normally dont listen to reviews, but I did with this title. Im not sure what happened either. I really had high hopes for this game. Theres just too many other games out there to have bought this for 60$.

i might drop 10$ on it though.

STONEY41930d ago

I was one of the few who thought it looked crappy from the beginning. Just the internet hyping things up.

CrzyFooL1930d ago

Poor launches should not be so commonplace. Sick of every game needed day 1 and week one patches to be playable.

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iXenon1931d ago

Damn. If the game got to $10 THAT quickly, it pretty much says that it's a bad game...not even Force Unleashed II is $10

uNAG1931d ago (Edited 1931d ago )

I think I'll bite. The game looks good, just not $60 good, but $10, sure...

trenso11931d ago

How is spending $25 for shipping count as free shipping?

epicdestroy1931d ago

You have to spend $25+ to get the free shipping, or if you have Amazon Prime, it's free no matter what.

majdees1931d ago

Nah. Not even for free. Too many good games to play.

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