Doom 3 modded overshadows iD Software's RAGE - New drooling screenshots

DSOGaming writes: "Let’s be honest here, we are really put off by RAGE’s graphics quality. Even with all the tweaks to avoid the annoying texture pop-in, the game suffers from really low-quality textures. Add to that the pre-baked shadows, old-generation shaders and limited dynamic lighting and you get a game that could be easily released several years ago. In fact, iD Software’s previous game, Doom 3, looks way better than RAGE."

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Orpheus2471d ago

Lol this is just funny .... An insult to the deserved injury of Carmack !!!

Eiffel2471d ago

How? Old software, with new resources.


3GenGames2471d ago (Edited 2471d ago )

Exactly, old software not made to use it but is being used with it to do even better stuff than the same resources they have with new tech. Think about it for a nanosecond and you should realize what's more impressive...the hack.

deadpoole2471d ago (Edited 2471d ago )

Im not sure what Im suppose to be impressed about ... extreme black crush, very high contrast, light sources with no related algorithms to light/reflect/bounce nearby surfaces ... these mods are hilarious.

Light sources in pic shine like bright sun but have zero to minimal effect on surroundin objects and ppl mock John Carmack ... the real genius behind FPS genre.

3GenGames2471d ago

Before the people started using him as the face of this game, Carmack didn't mean crap to any company or anything. Don't make his work with a team of others only his accomplishment, because it's not CARMACK STUDIOS, it's ID SOFTWARE. Not just him last time I checked. If he was that good he wouldn't need others help. Besides, IMO Doom was the only thing he ever wrote that was great. His first and last, go figure. After that others figured out better ways and now you have video cards built off of the others improvement, not his.

Perjoss2471d ago (Edited 2471d ago )

Sorry, but it's dumb to compare an indoor corridor shooter with very limited view distance to a game that has large open spaces. I have screenshots that prove Rage can look amazing if you have a half decent gfx card and know how to tweak a simple text file.

edit: no disrespect to the modder that made those amazing textures for doom3, I've used those mods myself and I love them, brilliant work, seriously.

Perjoss2471d ago (Edited 2471d ago )

it's true that the engine is inconsistent with close up textures, but again we are comparing a fully patched up game that has been heavily modded to a game that has been out for a few days. I'd like to see Rage again in a few months when there is a couple more patches and maybe some community texture packs to help with close-up objects.

***possible minor spoilers ahead:






morganfell2470d ago


I am glad to see someone else realizes this not so sleight of hand.


Look up some interviews.

It isn't Carmack Studios and he doesn't do it alone but if you listen to other people in the studio speak, Todd Hollenshead and Tim Willits, they discuss very clearly John Carmack locking himself away and writing the code that is the basis for Idtech. They often refer to it as Carmack's engine.

He is one of the few guys who, if removed from his studio then what that for which the studio is known would disappear.

Marceles2470d ago


I don't know why those screens make me want to play Half-Life 2...I guess they remind me of the first screens I ever saw of the game. Very Source-engine-ish

Sunhammer2470d ago (Edited 2470d ago )

RAGE doesn't even have real-time lighting, which Doom 3 does have, and when the textures finally do pop up, they don't look that great. They're blurry. Move too quickly and they'll disappear on you, hence 60 frames per second.

For me, after all that hype, RAGE is the most disappointing game of the year. I'm not sure why I had such high hopes in the first place. Maybe it was all the good trailers, which tend to make games look better than they actually are.

Then there's the fact they basically gave a big "screw you" to PC gamers by releasing it as graphically broken as they did. Why even bother? 5 years and this is all you could manage, Carmack? Utterly pathetic.

RedDragan2470d ago

Lol @ deadpoole, you are talking about a game from 2004. When Doom 3 came out it was a graphical masterpiece, it is hard to think of another game that managed to create such a leap forward in terms of atmosphere.

Even today, Doom 3 has better atmosphere than most, if not all games.

The closest thing we have probably come to such a jump forward is the Real Lifesys mod but with so much blur effect it needs a massive amount of work to not be annoying after playing it for 5 minutes.

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limewax2471d ago (Edited 2471d ago )

Well Rage has a patch out now, but I agree it is not what I expect at all. Even with the texture cache on high my 580 can't find anything else in there. at 16k textures, The fridge in the wellsprings bar is so blurry its almost difficult to make out the text.

This is certainly a testament to how useless mega-textures actually is. Even Fallout 3 has more consistency in its textures. In Rage the inconsistencies are so large it's almost impossible to not notice

Bimkoblerutso2471d ago

The advantage of the process is that the textures are more reasonably rendered across long distances. Close up the game is fairly ugly, but from a distance it's easily one of the best looking games around. Pluses and minuses, I suppose.

They REALLY needed to take some extra time to perfect the technique though.

Heartnet2471d ago

Mega Textures are new to developers I suspect :) Gotta let it evolve :)

bligmerk2470d ago

Megatexture isn't useless. When Doom 3 came out, a lot of people noted the idtech 4 engine seemed to not be capable of large outdoor areas. The idtech 5 engine with megatexture now allows for large outdoor areas without any repeating tile maps. But it does seem like id took several steps backwards with the interiors, lack of dynamic lighting, almost no use of bump and specular mapping. Yeah, the stuff in the distance looks fantastic but things up close don't look all that impressive and sometimes just blurry fugly.

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Ducky2471d ago

Looks good... but doesn't really overshadow Rage.
Doesn't quite have the artistic touch.

dirthurts2471d ago

I agree. They are overlooking the incredibly simple geometry of Doom vs the highly complex geometry of Rage. Not to mention the animation, and AI running in the background.
Flashy textures only get you so far.

3GenGames2471d ago

Looks like a cartoon to me...probably because good textures wouldn't have allowed that draw distance because it's actually use most of the GPU power.

xtreampro2470d ago

I think you mean dusty not cartoony. Borderlands is what you call cartoony.

Mrmagnumman3572471d ago

thats pretty insane for a 2004 game, its not crysis with immersive mod, but it still looks pretty good

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