Destructoid - Spider-Man: Edge of Time Review

Destructoid - Spider-Man: Shattered Dimensions was better than many licensed games on the market, but it certainly wasn't anything special. At the very least, it included a wide range of recognizable Spider-Man villains and a flowing combat system that, while fairly mundane, got the job done.

A year later, Beenox is back with Spider-Man: Edge of Time, and a unique design perspective. While sequels tend to get bigger and more ambitious, Edge of Time seems to think that scaling everything back is the way to go.

It really isn't.

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iXenon2543d ago

As someone who enjoyed Shattered Dimensions, I couldn't be more disappointed in Beenox...

Aaroncls72543d ago

Most likely Beenox got pushed and rushed by the asshole of the gaming industry, le Activision.

Quagmire2543d ago

Lets hope the same thing doesnt happen to the sequel of War for Cybertron.

Venox20082543d ago

there are lots of better reviews of this it's again - an opinion.. If you liked shattered dimensions I think maybe you should try this one too