Kotaku - The Cyborg R.A.T. 7 Albino Looks More Like a Mass Effect Battleship Than a Gaming Mouse

Kotaku - I use my PC almost as much as I use my lungs. I work ten hours a day on it, and when I'm not working on it, I'm sending emails, curating Facebook or watching videos of cats. I also, from time to time, play games on it.

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JoelT2329d ago

How did I know that this was written by either Luke Plunkett or Brian Ashcraft before I even clicked the link? Did the ridiculous title give it away?

ECM0NEY2329d ago

I have this mouse but in black. Its awesome and i recommend it to any PC fps player.

ATi_Elite2329d ago

I bet you your Black R.A.T. looks like the Dark Knight's batmobile!

is it accurate and smooth in FPS? I may take a field trip to the High end PC store and gets some hands on time with it this weekend!

currently in the market for a new mouse for 2012!

Triggs2329d ago

It's accurate for FPS, but I found the mouse on the heavy side so I feel it impedes aiming speed. I only tried the RAT 7 and I am more used to light mice. Of course, it all boils down to personal preference - others like heavy mice.

Good luck on your search for the perfect gaming mouse.

As a side note, the new Razer Imperator 4G is very responsive (hopefully it doesn't crap out on me in the next few months). I expect the SteelSeries Sensei I ordered to come this week, I have high hopes for it because it's shaped similar to the Microsoft Intellimouse. :-)

ECM0NEY2329d ago (Edited 2329d ago )

Yeah its very accurate. At 1st it feels really sensitive and hard to use but I love it now. It also has a weight system too, u can make it pretty light. Plus the rat 7 is wired so no battery weight either.

Oh and best buy by my house has them for $80. play the video in the middle of the page.

earbus2329d ago

Wow looks like i need to do a tech course and basic mechanics to use it lol very cool.