Top 10 Gaming Sidekicks

Megabits of Gaming - While the videogame hero is almost always the biggest name, with the biggest impact (and the biggest merchandising rights...) let us not forget the also-rans – the people, creatures or robots that follow in the gamer's footsteps, picking up the pieces or swinging in to save the day.

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zeal0us2540d ago

I remember in fable 2 at the end when you have a choice to bring back or get
-Your dog
-The people that died

I choose the dog. Screw the people and I didn't need money since I used the time glitch :).

Garrus was my favorite squad-mate in ME1&2. Miranda was my least favorite in 2 plus she act like a b*tch towards me at the beginning. I wish I could jump in the game and just slap the sh*t of her at the beginning of the game.