Call of Duty has No Excuses after RAGE

Velocity Gamer: So many of us believe that amazing graphics can't be done at 60 fps on current consoles because we've been told that so many times, but RAGE begs to differ.

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Dart892542d ago

I agree and cod is so outdated when you compare it to every other game that is/has been released this year and it looks like sh*t compared to them.

WANNAGETHIGH2542d ago (Edited 2542d ago )

*Yawn* More Cod trolls...Tell me something new,just another day on N4G.

Funny thing is while you people keep complaing Cod players are enjoying there game and do not even know this site exist. Bring on the disagrees is nothing new.

@Hockeydud19 Yes im enjoying it thank u :)

U say is the same game but pls tell me how many FPS has innovation. U say BF has destruction but funny thing is Black on PS2 has destruction. Y change a game fans r used to. Uncharted,gears,god of war..e.t.c all have the same gameplay . Killzone2 gameplay changed when killzone3 cameout and some killzone fans where not happy. People just love to hate Cod because its cool to hate whats successfull.

Hockeydud192542d ago

Ok have fun playing the same game every year :) Hope you enjoy it.

MysticStrummer2542d ago

I hate CoD because it's so damned mindless, not because it's successful. I do think it's sad that it's successful simply because it's so mindless though. That says a lot about the average gamer. I take it from your comment that you think it's bad to take a good feature from one game and add it to another. Interesting opinion. I strongly disagree. KZ3 fans were unhappy because it was made more mindless like CoD, by the way.

BattleAxe2542d ago (Edited 2542d ago )

Unfortunately there are no shooter games that play better as far as online multiplayer goes, other than Call of Duty, Halo, Uncharted and Battlefield. These are the top dogs, and after playing Resistance 1,2 and 3, Killzone 2 and 3, MAG, SOCOM 4, SOCOM: Confrontation and many others which have all been let downs, nothing else compares.

SOCOM games from the PS2, Rainbow Six Vegas 1 and 2 and GRAW2 are the only other multiplayer games that I would consider to be awesome.

ape0072542d ago

agreed, there is no better experience inonline gaming than call of duty and th eumber of players online on both systems show it, as far as gfx go, the last SP trailer looked good but i wish tey can upgrade to RAGE gfx Level, you know Activision got a lot of $, they gotta do it

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StanLee2542d ago (Edited 2542d ago )

Rage spent years in development, with its engine development taking even longer. Criticize Call of Duty all you want but there are far more games that look worse than there are games that look and run better. In Call of Duty you have a rock solid engine which has evolved over iterations.

@ Hockeydud19

A lot of us do, troll! That's why the franchise is a resounding success, with industry leading sales and the largest, sustained online communities across all platforms.

Hockeydud192542d ago

Exactly how am I trolling? It's essentially the same game. "Call of Duty" "Insert title here"

Where did I say the franchise is a failure? Hmm that's right I didn't.

jwatt2542d ago (Edited 2542d ago )

I actually enjoy the hell out of MW games. You probably wouldn't believe me but they're FUN and most likely the reason they sell so much.

narutogameking2542d ago

Grow up kid. Video games aren't all about graphics.

Asgaro2541d ago

Indeed, but still, graphics do play a part.

Can you tell me 1 big budget title that has worse graphics than MW3? Please do tell me!!

It's a disgrace they keep the cost low by using an engine from the 80's. And that while it's the best sold game franchise in recent years.

Disccordia2542d ago

It's an unfair comparison. Rage is running on a next gen engine that took one of the industries mist recognised geniuses 6 years to make.

Someone at Activision is working on a new engine I'm sure. Probably for next gen consoles though as these things take time now they can't just licence idTech 5.

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vortis2542d ago

Doesn't matter. Activision can keep selling a game at $60 with 6 year old graphics and 10 year old gameplay mechanics and people will defend it to their death.

Even if BF3 was 60fps, 128 players with full destructibility and vehicles on consoles people would still justify CoD being the way it is.

Heck, two years from now people will still be playing CoD on the Xbox 720/PS4 while it looks like an Xbox 360 game and I bet people will still be justifying it.

Criminal2542d ago

"Heck, two years from now people will still be playing CoD on the Xbox 720/PS4 while it looks like an Xbox 360 game and I bet people will still be justifying it."

I hope this won't happen. I hope the next generation will have more new ip.

We can only "hope" I guess.

dangert122542d ago

You say that like there's not been many this gen

Lost Planet
Mirrors Edge
Alan Wake
Heavy Rain
Mass Effect
Dragon Age
Metro 20**
LA Noir
White Knight Chronicles

plus many more never mind the indie devs

Criminal2542d ago (Edited 2542d ago )

No I didn't mean to say that there weren't some awesome new ips this gen, I just hope this will carry over to the next gen.

ItsMeAgain2541d ago

I wonder what you have to say to people who still love and play Mario games...

Heck as long as COD still selling you guys are going to still hating on it and its fanbase. Let them enjoy their game and you go enjoy yours.

vortis2541d ago

Mario is a classic, and has been on the cusp of platform innovation since the early days of the NES and Gameboy. He revolutionized the genre in 1996 on the N64 and did so again on the Wii with Super Mario Galaxy.

I got no beef with Mario because without him and his numerous games the platform genre wouldn't have been as rich as it is (despite the fact that it's also very lacking of competition as well).

CoD is just another generic shooter, and Soldier of Fortune from 1998 has more gameplay variety than CoD. The only reason it sells is because of Activision's marketing and an extremely broad base of ignorant consumers (not that they're dumb, they're just ignorant of other games out there).

If someone updated and modded Soldier of Fortune with today's visuals you would be hard pressed to say that CoD is any better or worse since it's so generic.

But whatever floats your boat is fine with me.

madpuppy2542d ago

The Devs of the COD franchise don't really have to do anything but the minimum, if people keep swallowing the same game, over and over again with different maps and a different scripted campaign in single player why spend the extra money on better graphics or use a newer engine. You really cannot even blame the creators or the publisher. why sink money into it when you know that you will make the same profit?

RickHiggity2542d ago

The engine took more time than anything I'm sure. I'm sure developers could make good game (by CoD standards) in a two year time frame if they had access to the engine.

pctrollv42542d ago

rage suffers from the lie of megatextures, which are nothing but gigantic sized textures reduced so much that when u reduce them they lose all their quality. Take a picture to photoshop, reduce it, then enlarge it again, thats what rage is, an absolute atrocity, at least on pc.

Hockeydud192542d ago

The textures are muddy up close your right. BUT who actually goes and stands within a few inches of a wall in a game and looks at it when you got Bandits and Mutants shooting at you. I know i'd rather take a step back and enjoy the beauty then go stare at textures all day just so I have something bad to say about the game.

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