GamesRadar - Ace Combat Assault Horizon - Full Access Preview

GamesRadar - Ace Combat Assault Horizon comes out on Tuesday, at which time we'll post our review, but until then we have a preview video showcasing one of the early missions. We tried to show off all the nifty doodads this latest Ace Combat brings to the table, but forgive us for a bit of greenhorn flying as we try to talk and dogfight simultaneously.

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Simco8762540d ago

If they make this game really difficult I won't mind unregenerating plane health. Dogfight mode is an great addition, just for the visual factor alone.

I personally can't wait for this game, Ace Combat never disappoints.

LoveSpuds2540d ago

Yup, long time Ace Combat fan here too.

Seems a shame to me that this game will go largely un-noticed being released amongst such heavy competition. I cannot wait for this either, at least thats 2 sales Capcom can rely on - see you in the air :)